Faulkners’ touts tempting trio

Agent Faulkners is selling three diverse farms in Buckinghamshire.

Bury Farm at Slapton, near Leighton Buzzard, is the largest offering with perhaps the most unusual opportunities.

The 267-acre unit is home to Nick Griffin’s Buffalo House business, which supplies Waitrose as well as retailing its own produce.

Buffalo farm

Mr Griffin said there was huge potential for water buffalo milk, which sells for up to 70p/litre and can, he believes, cure eczema and irritable bowel syndrome.

However, a divorce and the time taken to produce, process and market the milk, cheese and other products, meant he was having to sell.

The ideal scenario, said Mr Griffin, would be for somebody to buy the farm and buffalos while he concentrated on processing and marketing.

Faulkner’s Jack Panton has priced the farm, which includes a three-bed house, at £1.4m.

Mr Griffin said the 400 buffalos, 160 which are being milked, were worth on average £300/head.

At Mentmore, Mr Panton is selling 217-acre Rowden farm.

Iadjoins the railway bridge where the Great Train Robbers hijacked the London to Glasgow mail train on Aug 8 1963.

The livestock unit comes with a three-bed agriculturally tied house and there is planning consent for almost 25,000 sq ft of new buildings.

The guide is £1.2m.

Stampwell Farm at Beaconsfield, priced at £3.5m, runs to 198 acres.

There is consent to convert its listed farmhouse and barns into one or two substantial family homes and three further houses.