11 farmer tips for safe slurry mixing

A survey of 100 farmers in Northern Ireland found just 18% wait the recommended time of 30 minutes before re-entering a building after slurry mixing has started.

Northern Ireland’s agriculture minister, Michelle O’Neill said the survey found many farmers are underestimating the dangers, needlessly putting their lives at risk.

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The Health and Safety Executive Northern Ireland urged farmers to follow the slurry mixing code to stay out of trouble:

  1. Keep children away from the area at all times
  2. Mix on a windy day if possible
  3. Open all doors and windows
  4. Remove all animals from the building
  5. Use outside mixing points first
  6. If slats are removed, cover exposed areas of the tank beside the pump/mixer
  7. After starting the pump/mixer, get out and stay out of the building for at least 30 minutes
  8. Never rely on filter-type facemasks
  9. Don’t use hydrogen sulphide gas monitors as a substitute for safe working practices
  10. Never allow naked flames near slurry, the gas mixture is flammable
  11. Never stand close to the exhaust of a vacuum tanker when it is being filled.