11 things livestock farmers can’t live without

1. Boiler suit

Farmer wearing boiler suit washing cows

© imageBROKER/Rex Shutterstock

Nevermind about the recent onesie craze – farmers were the original trendsetters, modelling this delectable garment for decades. Just don’t forget to check ALL the pockets before washing.

2. Baler twine

Bucket of baler twine

© Tim Scrivener

You will find this in the most surprising places around the farm. Known for its durability and strength – good job too as it can be found mostly holding trousers up. 

3. Sheepdog

Sheepdog jumping over fence

© Hutchinson/Rex Shutterstock

Obviously man’s best friend and more intelligent and loyal than most humans. Plus they always look great sat in the back of the Land Rover.

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4. Mobile phone

Close-up of mobile phone in farmer's hand

© John Eveson/Rex Shutterstock

It may have been said some farmers don’t have the best of memories, so a means of making calls or placing orders on the hoof, before cracking on with the next job, is a must.

5. Quad bike

Farmer on quad bike with trailer

© Juice/Rex Shutterstock

Covering thousands of miles every year, this piece of kit is a leg-saving essential when it comes to rounding up those youngstock you can’t quite keep up with. Especially useful after lunch.

6. Kettle

Kettle on country stove

© Ros Drinkwater/Rex Shutterstock

Whether it is making a flask of tea or coffee first thing in the morning or mixing up the last lamb feed of the day, what farmer wouldn’t be without a kettle?

7. The vet

Vet on farm

© John Eveson/Rex Shutterstock

You know, the one who never seems to sleep and can be found sending emails at 2am? Nothing is ever too much trouble, no matter when they are called out.

8. Wellies

Wellies by farm gate

© FLPA/Rex Shutterstock

They have certainly come on a bit since the old gumboot days. Choose from neoprene, thermal lined, rubber or fleecy, just make sure you can still run in comfort.

9. Penknife

Penknife on table

© John Curtis/Rex Shutterstock

Always on hand and with a multitude of uses, this is one tool farmers are rarely without. Slicing, cutting, cleaning and piercing, Edward Scissorhands, eat your heart out.

10. Subscription to Farmers Weekly

Farmer holding a copy of Farmers Weekly

© Richard Stanton

The perfect partner to any tea or lunch break, there’s no better way to catch up with all the news and latest advice. Just take care with that tablet or smartphone near the loo…

11. A day off…

Courtesy of John Rutter

Courtesy of John Rutter

Just kidding 🙂

If you’ve got any other ideas of things you can’t live without, get in touch at fwlivestock@rbi.co.uk

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