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6 steps to invisibility and improving profitability

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Progressive farms across the globe are using dairy genomics to make far more accurate herd management decisions and the UK is one of the leaders.

Genomics testing allows analysis of traits like health, fertility, feed efficiency, milk protein, parentage and more. It is a great tool for farmers to identify genetically superior animals at a much earlier age.

Testing of dairy cows – particularly calves and heifers – offers advantages, like rapid genetic gain and accurate selection of replacements which will result in more profitable animals on your dairy.

Farms using visual appraisal, below 1% reliability, or parent averages, below 30% reliability results in the retention of genetically inferior animals in the milking herd and the potential loss of valuable ‘Invisible Cows’.

The Invisible Cow? The cow we want in our herd; routinely healthy, productive, and profitable. Use of female genomics has been discussed at length and farms across the UK have started to implement this innovative herd management tool to ensure the replacements they are choosing will be their future invisible cows.

Advantages of using genomic testing

  • Helps you decide replacement heifers with certainty
  • Faster rate of genetic progress by making optimum breeding decisions
  • Helps you build a great understanding on the health and productivity of your calves and heifers
  • Helps identify and reprioritise under-performing animals for maximum profitability
  • Provides highly reliable results for cost-conscious producers

Igenity Genomic testing from NEOGEN® gives you up to 80% reliability by using genomic information to facilitate faster genetic improvement which is core to a sustainable dairy business.

With fewer health challenges and improved productivity, the investments made on genomics testing like Igenity from NEOGEN, pays off exponentially with each generation.

Herd evaluation


Visual <1%
Parentage <30%
Igenity Dairy Up to 80%

6 steps to ‘Invisible Cows’

  1. Answer these two questions: What are my current herd issues? What objectives do I want to achieve in the next 1-5 years?
  2. Request Igenity sample kits here.
  3. Tissue sample all pre bulling heifers using an applicator. Calves can be sampled from 2 days of age.
  4. Send the samples to the NEOGEN lab in Ayr, Scotland
  5. DNA will be extracted, analysed and results delivered back to you on a dashboard designed to enable best use of your data.
  6. Make selection decisions based on current issues and objectives. You can select for multiple traits relevant to your farm’s particular objectives and create a custom index to ensure clear focus is maintained. Over 50 traits ranging across fertility, yield, health and type can be looked at. For example, conception rates may be a current issue and the objectives might be to increase milk yield and focus on feed efficiency. The group sampled can be ranked best to worst based on these traits and a decision can be made to put the top 80% to sexed semen and the bottom 20% can be bred to beef or sold.

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