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A cattle handling revolution: IAE launches the 800 Series cattle crushes

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IAE are the UK’s leading and largest manufacturer of livestock housing and handling equipment, equestrian stabling, industrial fencing and shelters.

At IAE we’re passionate about cattle crushes, with over 30 years manufacturing experience we’ve continually developed our product range to meet customer requirements, herd welfare and changes in breed characteristics.

With this in mind, we have combined all of our experience, customer feedback and modern manufacturing techniques to develop the revolutionary 800 Series of cattle crushes.

Designed to deliver an efficient and effective handling experience, the 800 Series will maximise output and performance through the following key features:

1. Configure your cattle crush to your needs

As British livestock farming continues to evolve, we recognise that not all customer needs are the same. To meet your requirements the 800 Series is available in four configurations.

Choose from either a manual or automatic yoke, then combine it with a Squeeze or Full Access body to create a solution that will maximise efficient handling on your farm.

To compliment the range we also supply a suite of optional extras including rear extension with vet access, sternum bars, super scoops and foot trim kits.  

2. Improved quietness of your handling environment

To mitigate stress and create an environment where cattle are calm to handle, we have included a huge number of acoustic dampening points (ADP) to create the quietest range of cattle crushes we have ever manufactured.

Featuring anywhere between 72 and 84 ADPs, we have minimized the metal to metal contact through the use of nylon bushes and rubber bumpers to ensure that the cattle are guaranteed a quiet handling experience.

3. Rubber floor

Rubber floor of cattle crush


Every cattle crush within the 800 Series range is supplied as standard with a rubber floor.

Constructed from 20mm thick, deep profile rubber with a 10mm tread depth, our unique floor will provide your cattle with excellent grip, even in wet conditions; helping to enhance stability, provide confidence to the cattle and again, create a calm and quiet handling environment.

4. TB Test with ease

Close up of cattle crush bars


Both our Squeeze and Full Access bodies are supplied with a TB access door on both sides of the body, allowing for fast and direct access to the cattle’s neck.

5. Handle cattle of every size

Bull inside cattle crush


Our Squeeze body is designed to do just that, making it a dynamic solution for livestock enterprises with a varying herd size.

With the ability to vary the body width between 265mm and 760mm, the Squeeze crushes will make light work of handling the largest of bulls or the smallest of calves, helping you to safely restrain your cattle and create a safe working environment for the handler.

6. Exceptional access

Both our Squeeze and Full Access bodies feature four fully opening quarter doors on each side of the body and a removeable quick release cross bar.

This feature gives you uncompromised access to the animals flanks to aid with procedures such as caesarean sections, suckling calves, applying pour on treatment and clipping.

7. Yoke with ease

Whether it is a manual or automatic yoke that best suits your livestock enterprise, each is designed with a vast array of features to guarantee the safe capture and retention of animals.

The 800 Series Automatic Yoke has been revolutionized by the one touch reset system.

Featuring permanently synchronized doors, the baffled yokes are designed to ensure effective capture, even under an uneven load distribution.

Utilising the seven different pre-set widths, a large variety of animal sizes can be handled.

For the manual yoke; where it stops, it locks. This yoke requires no pre-setting and will lock wherever the operating lever is stopped.

For ultimate flexibility, the yoke can be operated anywhere along the length of the crush, and can be fitted to either the left or right hand side, making it possible for one handler to manage the flow of cattle through the race and yoke the cattle in the crush.

The 800 Series Cattle Crush range has been designed to meet the challenges of modern day cattle handling whilst delivering a whole host of additional features that will enable you to maximise efficiency and productivity on your farm.

These four cattle crushes will provide you and your cattle with a superior handling experience, to ensure exceptional performance.

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