Accreditation scheme launches for mobility scorers

A new accreditation scheme has been launched for mobility scorers. 

The aim of the Register of Mobility Scorers is to standardise the assessment and training of everyone carrying out mobility scoring on farms. 

With mobility scoring to assess lameness prevalence within a herd now a requirement for Red Tractor members and many supermarket milk contracts, there has been growing pressure to ensure those conducting assessment are appropriately trained.

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Grandfather rights will be granted to individuals by the Register’s founding board, which features across industry representation, on a case-by-case basis. 

Scorers will only have a short window to apply and must demonstrate they have previous training and experience using AHDB’s mobility scoring to a high standard. Those who haven’t applied by 1 July must undertake a training course through an accredited provider.  

“The idea is to make it more objective,” said committee member Prof John Huxley. “We accept there is a huge amount of people that don’t need training and we will ask individuals to submit their qualifications and experience, and we, as a committee, will deem if it’s appropriate.”

 It is hoped the whole industry will back the scheme and eventually those demanding the practice will insist scorers are members.

Membership will provisionally cost £25/year. For more information or to register as a member visit