Adrian Harrison hopeful for milk price increase

If I had landed on earth from Mars and had just studied the seasons I would have thought it was summer. It is all mixed up, temperatures of 25C, leaves falling from the trees, and supposedly now snow on the way. Let us hope that the latter is not true, but how does all this affect us?

We have found ourselves in the luxury position of not having started bringing the stock in for winter and if we are lucky the cows will be able to stay out until the middle of October. This is most welcome and any extra outside time can only be good. The downside of the hot and humid weather is the return of flies in full force and this has resulted in a few cases of E coli mastitis.

With the cows being outside, and with ample grazing, we have started adjusting the diet with the addition of pressed pulp. This is to bulk out the silage as the first cut was good quality but lacking in volume and to counterbalance the current grass quality.

I have been closely looking at the milk price; really in disbelief that our milk buyer doesn’t think they need to make a move. Hopefully with the last few announcements of price increases, this may kick-start discussions. There are currently a few farmers swapping contracts.

On a happy note our black Labrador has had seven healthy pups, so if anyone is interested in black Labrador pups with an excellent pedigree, they will be ready 21 November.

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