Andrew Freemantle enjoys Pig and Poultry Fair

Grant and I had an enjoyable time at the Pig and Poultry Fair meeting up with fellow farmers and old colleagues. I spent an enjoyable hour helping to man the National Pig Association (NPA) stand, which involved being interviewed by Farmers Weekly for my opinion on the stall and tether ban.

In the evening, the NPA hosted a well-attended party to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Ladies in Pigs. What a fantastic job they have done in promoting the industry over the years.

We have just finished our first big show of the year – the Devon County Show – where we launched my Taste of the West food court. We were running three stands – a farmers’ market stand, hog roast, and new for us this year, Dartmoor farmers’ beef, which proved very popular. We were selling fellow Farmer Focus writer Matthew Cole’s beef, among others. I was getting equal amount of satisfaction from seeing people walking around with rolls of pork and beef as I do from seeing large healthy litters of piglets.

Finally, we have just sown our maize. We now have to deicde what pattern to use to turn it into maize, any ideas?

Andrew Freemantle farms 300 sows on 28ha (70 acres) near Exeter, Devon. He sells 130 pigs a week, with 85 going to abattoirs and the rest supplying their farm shop, pork wholesale business and catering trailers. Andrew was Farmers Weekly Pig Farmer of the Year 2008.

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