BASF improves its red mite product

BASF Pest Control Solutions has launched a new, improved formulation of its Decimite red mite treatment, to help producers combat this troublesome pest.

Decimite+ has been developed to immobilise and kill the blood sucking mites that affect many laying flocks and can lead to significant loss of performance.

As well as preventing mite movement it also protects eggs against spotting, so avoiding quality down-grading.

“Its entirely physical mode of action makes Decimite+ an extremely valuable compliment to conventional acaricides,” said BASF Pest Control Solutions sales manager Shirley Wilson.

She recommended that it be used as part of a two-stage rotational programme with the residual alpha-cypermethrin insecticide, Littac.

“Littac should be used as a spot treatment for discreet clumps of mites and natural crack, crevice and corner harbourages, or as a blanket treatment where no poultry are present,” she suggested.

“Decimite+ should then be applied as a blanket treatment whenever red mites begin to reappear.”

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