Batch farrowing grows in popularity

Britain’s pig farmers want to know more about batch farrowing, a survey by Janssen Animal Health found. The results of more than 48,500 breeding females found the survey achieved a clearer picture of what works well and difficulties experienced.

Many producers have changed to batch farrowing within the past two years suggesting they became aware of it benefits in helping to fight disease-particularly wasting disease, says Janssen’s Phil MacDonald.

“Factors such as all-in-all-out, synchronised oestrus and tighter management helps units to maintain better herd health and to optimise economic production.”

The survey also found 53% of respondent’s batch farrow with 83% of these operating a three week system, 9% a two week system and 6% a five week system.

The UK pig industry has a new antibiotic in its fight against major respiratory diseases such as enzootic pneumonia, ileitis and swine dysentery.

Aivlosin antibiotic from ECO Animal Health achieves peak therapeutic levels within two hours of administration, targeting bacteria inside and outside the cell resulting in rapid disease resolution.

Trials show Aivlosin returned cost benefits of £5.46 a pig in the treatment of enzootic pneumonia, £4.61 a pig for ileitis and 90p a pig treated against swine dysentery.

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