£35 genetic test can aid BCMS registration

Missed your BCMS registration and passport application deadline for new-born calves? Then fear not – a £35 test can now verify parentage and can also be used as a genetic marker profiling tool.

IgenityMerial’s parentage verification and genetic marker profiling will allow animals that have missed the 27-day registration deadline to get a passport, if samples match between mother and calf.

Although samples must be taken by the vet, turnaround time is usually within 10 working days.

Carlisle vet Charlie Foster says, “Igenity is attractive for commercial clients as well as those who breed more valuable stock. Producers can easily justify the cost of this test to register their animals – even those that are of relatively low value.”

Igenity can also be used for multiple marker analysis for traits such as tenderness, heifer pregnancy rates, longevity and calving ease.