Beef Expo: Cattle containment system unveiled

A new cattle containment system released at Beef Expo 2011 could make catching and containing cattle in the field, easier, faster and safer.

The system from Michael Midgley features a long feeder trailer with two folding pens. It is a development of the tractor pulled version shown at LAMMA 2010.

Cattle enter the pens through integral gates to access feed. A wide passage through the feeder section means farmers and stockmen can inspect ear tags and cattle easily and safely. Hydraulic rams control the ground clearance, making it easier to place on uneven fields and in wet conditions.

The model also features interchangeable barrier styles- diagonal or self-locking yokes and a number of other of other refinements to make the system safer, said Mr Midgley.

“Safety is a big feature – I first thought of the idea after a few nears accidents trying to round up some wild cattle. So many farms run with minimal staff and with more continental breeds around, it can be quite a dangerous business.”