Controversy reigns at Great Yorks

BUMPER CROWDS, scorching temperatures and some of the best pedigree stock on the summer show circuit meant the Great Yorkshire Show maintained its premier ranking. But last week’s Harrogate event was not without controversy.

In the beef section, the high profile interbreed competition ended in the wrong animal being awarded the reserve championship, while in the pig lines there was an unprecedented outburst from the commentator.

The opening day’s interbreed beef championship fell foul of a computer error. The competition is judged by all breed judges who award points to each champion, but the final tally was later found to be incorrect and meant the reserve championship to be re-allocated.

The championship proved a clear victory for the Limousin cow Ronick Money, a Ronick Gains daughter, which had been bought by Bernard Mairs for 18,000gns at the Ronick herd’s production sale. Aged nine, she has already collected female titles at the Royal and Royal Highland shows and was one of the Burke Trophy winning pair at Stoneleigh.

yorks beef web

Clear winner in the beef lines was Limousin cow Ronick Money from Bernard Mairs.

At first, the reserve placing went to the outstanding Simmental cow Darshams Kit Kat from the Suffolk-based Clements family. But the adjusted tally meant the award had to be switched to the Aberdeen Angus leader Bon Lea Elle, from North Yorks breeder Gordon Brooks. This powerful heifer is by Hurdcott Estimator and was champion at the Royal Show.

The Clements also took the hotly contested Charolais title with the young cow Darshams Sacha.

The Great Yorkshire Show sees the final of the Pig of the Year award but this year its nail-biting finish was spiked by an outburst from commentator Nick Hunkin, chairman of the Tamworth Pig Society.

His colourful commentary raised eyebrows last week when he slammed pig judges for ignoring minor breeds. Feeling aggrieved that a Tamworth had never been represented in the Pig of the Year final during its 22 year history – something he described as “incredible” – he lambasted judges for concentrating too much on “hams” and not breed characteristics.

But they remained unruffled and awarded the title to Lancs breeder Paul Waddington’s Large Black Gilt Lowerdale Black Lady. In reserve was Beds-based Guy Kiddy who took the show’s interbreed pig championship with the Large White boar Withersfield Alpine 7th.

yorks p of yr web

Prize porker…..Top spot in the pig of the year competition went to the Large Black Lowerdale Black Lady from Paul Waddington’s.

In the interbreed sheep championship, the referee had to be summoned to resolve the stand-off between judges but the final nod went to a mature Blue-Faced Leicester ewe from the Robinson family’s Cocklaw flock at Hexham.

yorks sheep web

Sheep leader was the Robinson family’s Bluefaced Leicester ewe.

The reserve sheep title went to Dumfries breeder Herbert Kennedy who was making his debut at Harrogate with stock from his Parkgate flock. He clinched the award with the meaty Charollais tup Southam Black Adder and also won the reserve breed championship with a ewe.

yorks dairy small

Dairy winner was Liz Wolfenden’s Holstein second calver Whinchat Gibson Bliss.

Derbys breeder Liz Wolfenden’s second calver Whinchat Gibson Bliss took the interbreed ticket in the dairy ring. In reserve slot was the 10,000kg Dairy Shorthorn cow Churchroyd Lady Barrington 12th from the Collins family at Dewsbury, West Yorks.

B Mair’s Limousin cow Ronick Money; res, G and L Brooks’ Aberdeen Angus heifer Bon Lea Elle.
Beef Shorthorn J Dunlop’s bull Tarrant Paladin; res, W McGowan’s heifer Fingask Rosette Xanthiea.
Lincoln Red G Bolton’s heifer Wragby Miss; res H and J Needler’s bull Walmer Everest.
Aberdeen Angus G and L Brooks’ heifer Bon Lea Elle; res, K Hancock’s bull Blackthorn Royal Cruz.
Hereford L Cox and D Griffin’s bull Island 1 Warrior; res, C Fletcher’s bull Barwise 1 Wellington.
Galloway J and S Ross’s heifer Kalinka 175 of Romesbeoch; res, J Cruikshank’s bull Lookout of Romesbeoch.
Belted Galloway C Fletcher’s bull Barwise Jigsaw; res, H Hamilton’s heifer Lullenden Rinkle.
Highland Coverhead Farms’ heifer Sine Dubh of Craigowmill; res, C and G McLean May’s, heifer Bhanna of Ackworth.
South Devon W H D Scott’s cow Grove Willowherb 23rd; res, W H D Scott’s bull Grove Hector 36.
Longhorn J Close and Son’s heifer Fishwick Donna; res, J Close and Son’s heifer Fishwick Davina.
Dexter J Kemp’s bull  Breoch Sultan; res, S W Adcock’s heifer Acton Portia.
Charolais  A R Clements and Partners’ cow Darshams Sacha; res, G W Turner’s bull Brampton Vampire.
Simmental A R Clements and Partners’ cow Darshams Kit-Kat; S Donelly’s cow Atlow Valentine.
Limousin D B Mair’s cow Ronick Money; res, J and S Cooper’s bull Sarkley Topknot.
Blonde d’Aquitaine J Crozier’s bull Sacha; res, K Jackson’s maiden heifer Stubbswalden Violetta.
Belgian Blue D Williams Wilodge Ulex; res, S and G A Potter’s cow Brookfield Rhanne.
Salers C Fox’s cow Campsmount Nirvana; res, C Fox’s heifer Coland Snowdrop.
Commercial Beef Rice Family’s Limousin cross steer; res, J White’s Belgian Blue x Limousin-cross steer.

M E Wolfenden’s Holstein cow Whinchat Gibson Lulu; res, I R G Collins and Partners’ Dairy Shorthorn cow Churchroyd Lady Barrington 12.
Holstein M E Wolfenden’s cow Whinchat Gibson Lulu; res, R E Butterfield’s cow Ingleview Charles Jane.
Dairy Shorthorn I R G Collins and Partners’ cow Churchroyd Lady Barrington 12; res G G Baynes and Son’s cow Marleycote Petal 95.
Ayrshire D Sanderson’s cow Waxham Whiterose 143; res, G and B Stevenson and Sons’ cow Liverton Rascal 9.
Jersey Ravenfield Jerseys’ Ravenfield Florence 5; res, H A Bethall’s cow Rise Totem 27.

M Robinson and Son’s Blue-faced Leicester ewe; res, H Kennedy’s Charollais ram.
Leicester B and D Glaves and Son’s shearling gimmer; res, B and D Glaves and Son’s ewe.
Teeswater A Fisher’s hogg; res, A Fisher’s ewe.
Blue-faced Leicester M C Robinson and Sons’ aged ewe; res, G Shapiro’s shearling ewe.
Lincoln K and R Harding’s yearling ewe; res, K and R Harding’s shearling gimmer.
Wensleydale R Pedley’s yearling ewe; res, J and S Prescott’s yearling ewe
Bleu du Maine E J Goldie’s ewe; res, J and K Davison’s shearling ewe.
Hampshire Down Champion – C. Horrell Ltd. Shearling Ewe  Res Champion  C. Horrell Ltd. Ram Lamb.
Suffolk M Bulmer’s shearling ewe; res, B and D Glaves and Sons’ ewe lamb.
Oxford Down G Watson and C Grain’s shearling ewe; res, G Watson and C Grain’s ewe lamb.
Ryeland P Maddock’s shearling ewe; res, A Robinson’s  ewe lamb.
Texel K, A and R Campbell’s ewe; res, R Orr’s shearling ewe.
Charollais F Kennedy’s ewe; res, C Marwood’s shearling ewe.
Vendeen R Howie; res C Vernon-Miller.
Rouge de L’Ouest  J Smithson’s tup; res, J Wilkinson’s ewe.
Berrichon du Cher J Keith and Daughter’s aged ewe; res, J Bradley’s shearling ewe.
Beltex J Wilkinson’s ewe; res, T Hunter’s ewe lamb.
Blackface P Turnbull’s ewe lamb; res, N Allonby’s ewe.
North Country Cheviot W and J Thomson’s ewe; res, W and J Thomson’s ewe lamb.
Derbyshire Gritstone J Pickard’s ewe lamb; res, M Watson’s shearling ewe.
Lonk J Pickard’s gimmer shearling; res, C Crowther’s ewe lamb.
Swaledale J Bradley’s ewe; res, R and J Dixon’s ewe.
White-faced Woodland Middlesborough Borough Council’s ewe; res, Harrison’s ewe.
Rough Fell
W Capstick and Son’s yearling ewe; res, E and K Bland’s ram.
Dalesbred R Close’s ewe; res, J M Wilson’s and Sons’  shearling gimmer.
Herdwick D Thompson’s ewe; res, I and A Grisedale’s shearling ewe.
Shetland D Spencely’s  ram; res, J Bunton’s ram lamb.
Lleyn S Kavanagh’s ewe lamb; res, Bishop Burton Farm’s group of three
Hebridean C and K Heeley’s ewe; res, J and E Moore’s  ewe.
Jacob W Foster’s ewe; res, A and J Smith’s shearling ewe.
Zwartbles A Duckworth’s ewe lamb; res, D F Scott’s ewe.
Mule Messrs Carter and Walton’s ewe with twins; res, A and K Barnes’ gimmer lambs.
Masham M and B Allen’s shearling gimmers.
Butchers’ lambs J Whiteford; res, I Lancaster.

G M and N Kiddy’s Large White boar Withersfield Alpine 7; res, A Rose’s Duroc gilt Maddaford Hjornegarde.
Large White G M and N Kiddy’s boar Whithersfield Alpine 7; res, G M and N Kiddy’s sow Whithersfield Queen Mary 3.
Large Black P G Snell and Sons’ sow Sock Bess 48; res, P G Snell and Sons’ sow Sock  Skylark 12.
British Saddleback J R and M L Wreakes Victoria Lottie 110; res, J J Newth’s boar Prestcombe Grande Duke 22.
Welsh P and M Reeder’s sow Lopham Lucky Girl 73; res, P and M Reeder’s boar Lophan Victor 21.
Berkshire S Barnfield’s sow Kilco Excelsa 7; res, Middlesborough Borough Council’s boar Moorsholm Peter Lad 10.
Middle White S J Richardson’s sow Iverlane Silk 1; res, R and P Horsley’s sow Templeson Fair Lady 1.
Gloucester Old Spot M Renshaw’s gilt Tennyson Star 662; res, M Hicks’ boar Windmill Gerald 7.
Landrace N Hunkin’s sow Shutevale Inga 54; res, N Hunkin’s boar Shutevale Hawk 60.