Cornish dairies look good

Devon and Cornwall specialist Kivells is handling the disposal of two attractive dairy farms in the region that are being sold by their owners for different reasons.

Peter Warne, who is leaving Trevisquite Manor at St Mabyn, Bodmin, Cornwall, after spending his entire life on the 260-acre, 350-cow unit, said it wasn’t poor milk prices that had prompted him to sell.

“I still have confidence in Milk Link, but I want a change in lifestyle.

I want to spend more time with my family.

Even if the price was 20p/litre I would have sold.

I’m sad to go, but lucky I’ve been able to make a decision that was my choice.”

Kivells’ Mark Bromell has priced the farm, which includes a six-bedroom renovated 16th century house and a bungalow, at 1.8m and said it would be ideal for a father-and-son team.

It also boasted some of the county’s best Grade 2 soil that added extra flexibility and provided good maize for silage, he added.

“It is in the golden triangle.”

The easy-to-handle milking set-up has been upgraded recently and features a 15:30 direct line parlour, a 15,000-litre bulk tank and automatic yard scrapers.

A network of solid tracks provides easy access to all of the farm and Mr Warne said the land was usually sound enough to turn cows out in early February.

In contrast, Trevor and Ingrid Bray from Hackthorne Farm at Marhamchurch, near Bude, are selling the 155-acre property, which straddles the Devon/Cornwall border, because their 17-year-old son is keen to go into the family business and they need more space.

They have already struck a private deal with a nearby milk producer that will give them the ability to expand to 400 cows.

“It was a golden opportunity we couldn’t turn it down,” said Mr Bray.

“People will always have to eat, so somebody is always going to have to produce.”

Hackthorne includes about 55 acres of off-lying land and Mr Bromell has split it four ways.

The principal lot, which includes a six-bedroom house, possibly 16th century, a 12:24 herringbone parlour and about 50 acres of land, is priced at 800,000.

The remaining land has been valued at 3000/acre.