EBV app launched for beef and sheep farmers

A new app and online training module are the latest tools available to beef and sheep farmers, helping them select bull and rams using estimated breeding values (EBVs) and keep up to date with the latest market prices.

The EBV training is designed to assist breeders in recognising traits and making informed decisions when buying performance-recorded terminal sires.

The interactive online training module allows users to enhance and test their knowledge of EBVs, including traits for growth, muscling and calving ease. Topics covered include the importance of breeding, assessing breeding potential, the value of genetics and the importance of bull longevity.

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Eblex breeding services manager Sam Boon, who helped to develop the tool, says: “EBVs provide a clear indication of a bull’s genetic potential and selecting the right breeding potential for their farm can allow breeders to profit from performance.”

Free to use, the tools were co-developed by Eblex and Signet and can be accessed through their websites.

App launch

The second “touch-of-a-button” development from Eblex is its new market prices app, where auction marts can be specifically searched to compare prices.

Freely available for Apple and Android users, the app is a streamlined version of the website and as well as prices and trends, it includes events, news and technical manual downloads.

James Wilde, head of communications at Eblex, says: “It means producers, processors and other industry stakeholders can access key services without waiting until they are in front of a computer screen.”

“The app obviously needs wi-fi or mobile data connectivity to download and update but, importantly, it means latest saved data can be accessed even when offline, which is an advantage in more rural areas where coverage can be patchy at best,” added Mr Wilde.