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Winning a supreme champion title at the Royal Show is, for many stockmen, a lifelong dream which they fail to fulfil.

Many come close, but few ever have the chance of lifting the coveted trophies.

So for David Donnelly, clinching the beef interbreed this time with the same Simmental cow he led to victory just three years ago was a feat few can ever match.

The fact Mr Donnelly thought interbreed judge John Coultrip hadn’t paid enough attention to his seven-year old Simmental cow Atlow Rhians Valentine was enough to give him the surprise of his life when his cow was tapped out to take the interbreed champion.

Standing reserve to the cow and calf were Messrs James Biggar and Croxton Park Partnership with their three year-old Shorthorn bull Chapelton Toronto.

Sired by Shadybrook Royal Marc and out of Six S Edie 52E, this was the first time out for the bull, who now heads to the Great Yorkshire.

Commenting on the cattle in front of him, Mr Coultrip said he was looking for an animal with presence and style but, more importantly, which could move, something a few exhibits lacked.

In the dairy lines it was once again the turn of the Holsteins to dominate proceedings, with the breed’s overall champion, Shanael Gelpro Melody, going on to take top honours in the interbreed.

Owned by Tom Cope and family and led out by his son Andy, Melody looked every inch the champion as she fought off stiff competition from the other breed champions on Monday afternoon.

Giving just short of 50 litres a day at 4.6% fat and 3.3% protein, having calved in December, she is one of 200 cows milked at home in Staffordshire by the Copes.

Reserve spot here went to the Jersey leader, Osberton Genevive 21 from Edward Morgan and family.

A stylish cow with plenty of ring presence, Genevieve had run the Holstein close for the title, said judge Alex Kirkpatrick.

“The Holstein had my attention the moment she walked into the ring, a big strong cow with all the dairyness we have come to expect of the breed.”

For Rouge de l’Ouest breeder David, Jane lifting the interbreed sheep title was just too much and it was no surprise to see him in tears at the side of the ring as his two-shear ram Dynamo was tapped out as the sheep champion.

Dynamo is by French sire Combat and is the only lamb got by semen imported by Mr Jane for insemination of his 22-ewe Broadwood flock.

And that wasn’t the end of the tale for the Mr Jane, as his group of three went on to take the silverware in the inaugural championship.

Second place in the interbreed line-up went to the Suffolk champion, a shearling ewe from Dumfries-based first-time Royal exhibitor Judith Barbour.

Sired by Glenisla Grimaldi and out of a 4000gns Meikleson ewe, this huge, heavy-boned ewe had swept aside all before her in the breed classes, leaving some ringside observers to question the breed’s recent postulations on its commercial attributes.

Pig exhibitor Phil Fowlie was thankful of the change in judging times for the interbreed classes due to the extreme heat experienced at Stoneleigh.

There had been consternation among many pig exhibitors earlier in the week when stewards failed to heed breeders’ advice and pressed on with judging in the midday heat on Sunday.

Sadly, sticking to the scheduled timings led to the death of the Berkshire male champion, Morebread Ambassador 7 from Charles Bull.

Heading up the interbreed line up on Tuesday morning was Mr Fowlie’s outstanding Welsh sow Braemor Nina 4.

Due to farrow in mid August, this sow is now destined for the Royal Welsh before heading home for a rest.

Standing reserve to the Welsh was the Large White sow Port Bredy Beryl from Bridport-based Steve Loveless.

Judge Vicky Mills said it had been a close call between the two, but the Welsh had just pipped the Large White to the title due to its excellent lines and outstanding character.



Interbreed D M Donnelly’s Simmental cow Atlow Rhians Valentine; res, Messrs J Biggar and Croxton Park Partnership’s Beef Shorthorn bull Chapelton Toronto.
Burke Pair Limousin; res, Charolais.
Junior Native Interbreed Messrs James Biggar’s Shorthorn bull Chapelton Yardley; res, B S and L M Ronan’s Aberdeen Angus heifer Jerusalem Duchess.
Junior Continental Interbreed M R and C E Parker’s Charolais heifer Bassingbourn Amethyst; res, D McBeath and S J Jessop’s Limousin bull Springsett Agent.
Aberdeen Angus C J and J L M Hutchings and Sons’ bull Logie Daredevil; res, C J and J L M Hutchings and Sons’ heifer Kingsbrompton Miss Ethel.
Beef Shorthorn Messrs J Biggar and Croxton Park Partnership’s bull Chapelton Toronto; res, M A Holmes’ cow Holmeere Georgia Rose.
Belgian Blue D A Williams’ bull Wilodge Ulex; res, A Craig’s cow Woodview Sue.
Belted Galloway C S Fletcher’s heifer Barwise Maggie; res, C S Fletcher’s bull Barwise Jigsaw.
Blonde d’Aquitaine I C and S D Archer’s cow Marstonmill Penelope Pitstop; res, B Allsop’s cow Glenbarry Tish.
British White Delamore Farms’ heifer Leverington Portland; res, Rotac Farms’ bull Woodbastwick O’Gara.
Charolais D Murray Lyle’s bull Brax Utopia; res, E D Marshall’s heifer Cotehouse Violet.
Devon G M Hunter’s cow Tilbrook Cashtiller 8; res, A J Thomas’ bull Bollowal Nimrod.
Galloway J and S Ross’ heifer Bertha 214 of Romesbeoch; res, D and M Cormack’s bull Newstart Abernethy.
Hereford P J and A C Allman’s bull Greenywards 1 Archie; res, B and H and M R Myers’ heifer Boundless 1 Symphony.
Highland J Price and P Edwards’ bull Crubach of Redrullion; res, 671 Janice 30th of Pollock Frith Manor Farm, WEST SUSSEX
Limousin A K and C Stafford’s heifer Kaprico Ultimate; res, Millington Grange Estate’s cow Millington Tangerine.
Lincoln Red H M and J M Needler’s bull Walmer Everest; res, M Read’s heifer Hemingby Polly.
Longhorn J W Stanley’s heifer Blackbrook Osprey; res, J Close and Son’s heifer Fishwick Davinia.
Murray Grey S Harrow’s heifer Waterfield Indie; res, Otter and Company’s bull Ashrose Rocky.
Red Poll J Farmer’s bull Beasthorpe Captain Kirk; res, C Moody’s cow Warren Polka.
Salers W Davidson’s heifer Chaplepark Trudy; res, W Davidson’s bull Portos.
Simmental D M Donnelly’s cow Atlow Rhians Valentine; res, P B and J A Borlase’s bull Glenturk Normad.
South Devon H Tully and Sons’ bull Waddeton Homer; res, M R and R J Rowe’s bull Tregondale Balti.
Sussex M K D Hind’s cow Maplesden Snowdrop; res, C E and W S Millson’s heifer Trottenden Buttercup.
Welsh Black E C and H M Carberry’s cow Graig Goch Meriel; res, G, D and A James’ bull Syfni ap Rhys.
Commercial Beef J Williams and T Bodily’s Limousin x Belgian Blue heifer Bootylicious; res Barwood and Padfield’s Limousin cross heifer Fancy Pants.

Interbreed T H Cope and Son’s Holstein cow Shanael Gelpro Melody; res, E M and E and I R Morgan’s Jersey cow Osberton Genevive 21.
Burke Trophy Holstein; res, Jersey.
Heifer Interbreed Riverdane Holsteins’ Holstein Riverdane Stormatic Beauty; res, E T Tomlinson’s Ayrshire Sandyford Clover 10.
Interbreed Team of Five Holstein; res, Jersey
Ayrshire W R C and J E Christophers’ cow Rosehill Black Velour; res, E T Tomlinson’s heifer Sandyford Clover 10.
Dairy Shorthorn J Hole’s cow Amber Lucina 46; res, I L and E Harries’ heifer Hooton Red Rose.
Dexter W J Rushton’s heifer Luckelr Manorial Chanti; res, S Tarrant’s heifer Apple Seam 2.
Guernsey D W, R J and J R Warren’s cow Laity Farm Primrose 96; res, J Sansom and I Crouch’s heifer Luckely Sylvia 15.
Holstein T H Cope and Son’s cow Shanael Gelpro Melody; res, B and L Whitefield and Son’s cow Avenham Jolt Companion 2.
Jersey E M and E and I R Morgan’s cow Osberton Genevive 21; res, Smiddiehill Jersey’s cow Ellerdine Lesters Amberlight 2.

Interbreed D R Jane’s Rouge De L’Ouest ram; res, J J Barbour’s Suffolk shearling ewe.
Interbreed Group of Three Rouge De L’Oeust; res, Jacob.
Interbreed Pairs Dorset Horn and Poll Dorset; res, Blue Faced Leicester.
Badger Face Welsh Mountain J A Langford’s shearling ewe; res, J A Langford’s ram.
Beltex G and H Forsyth’s shearling ewe; res, D B Roberts’ shearling ram.
Berrichon du Cher R Graham’s shearling ewe; res, K E and M S Sheaves’ shearling ewe.
Black Welsh Mountain R Wise’s two shearling ewes; res, J D and D G Goode’s two shearling ewes.
Bleu du Maine P Tait’s shearling ewe; res, R A Jeffrey’s ram.
Bluefaced Leicester G Shapiro’s ewe; res, D Cruickshank’s shearling ewe.
Border Leicester J W Brown and Others’ shearling ewe; res, V W H Johnson’s ram.
Rouge de l’Ouest D R Jane’s ram; res, P Tait’s ewe.
Charollais D B Roberts’ shearling ewe; res, J Barber’s shearling ram.
Clun Forest G L Smith’s ram; res, I T Davies and Son’s shearling ewe.
Cotswold D Cross’ ram; res, P Froehlich’s ewe.
Devon Closewool J Ley’s ram; res, M Scott’s shearling ewe.
Devon and Cornwall Longwool J A Darke’s ram; res, B Thomason’s ram lamb.
Dorset Down W D Burrough and Son’s ram lamb; res, B Lugsden’s ewe lamb.
Dorset Horn and Poll Dorset Frooks Bros’ ram; res, Frooks Bros’ shearling ewe.
Exmoor Horn D and M Ridd and Son’s ram; res, D and M Ridd and Son’s shearling ewe.
Hampshire Down D C Ritchie’s ram lamb; res, S J Robinson’s shearling ewe.
Jacob S Dodsworth’s ram; res, B M Wilson’s shearling ewe.
Kerry Hill R and R Powell’s shearling ewe; res, R and R Powell’s ram.
Leicester Longwool B R Field’s shearling ewe; res, B R Field’s ram lamb.
Lincoln Longwool S Higgins’ ram; res, S Higgins’ shearling ewe.
Lleyn A W Davies’ ram; res, W M Griffiths Farms’ shearling ram.
Norfolk Horn K Long and S Coke’s shearling ram; ram, Croxton Park Partnership’s ewe.
North Country Cheviot W and J Thomson’s ewe; res, J Runciman and Sons’ ram.
Oxford Down M C Hackling’s ram lamb; res, J W Hook’s ewe lamb.
Ryeland R Wear’s shearling ram; res, A Turner’s ewe lamb.
Shetland S Thwaites’ ram; res, C Ringrose’s ewe.
Southdown D Bunting’s ram lamb; res, Wakeham-Dawson and Harmer’s shearling ewe.
Suffolk J J Barbour’s shearling ewe; res, W H Sinnett and Sons’ ram lamb.
Swaledale A Slack’s ram; res, A Slack’s ewe.
Texel J Forsyth’s shearling ewe; res, J W Mellin’s shearling ram.
Vendeen B Drury’s ram; res, R N Howie and Partners’ ram lamb.
Wensleydale Dr G Steventon and Dr L Clouder’s shearling ewe; res, R Pedley’s ewe.
Wiltshire R G Elliott and Son’s ram lamb; res, I Owen’s ram.
Zwartbles C Scott’s shearling ewe; res, K Jones’ ram.
Any other pure breed lowland MV-accredited M Farquhar’s Shropshire shearling ewe; res, A D and R M Bishop’s Blue Texel ram lamb.
Any other pure breed MV non-accredited D Stanhope’s Teeswater shearling ewe; res, J Terry’s Derbyshire Gritstone ram.
Commercial Sheep Competition J Thomson’s Bluefaced Leicester x North Country Cheviot shearling pair; res, P T Callow’s Suffolk x Scotch Halfbreds shearling pair.
National Lamb Carcass D S and L E Wadland’s Beltex x Texel group of eight lambs; res, J M and C E Mitchell’s Texel cross group of eight lambs.
Special Prime Lamb Competition P J Houldney’s Beltex x Texel pen of three lambs; res, D S and L E Wadland’s Beltex cross pen of three.

Interbreed P M Fowlie’s Welsh sow Braemor Nina 4; res, S J S Loveless’ Large White sow Port Bredy Beryl.
Pig Pairs championship C D Vaughan’s Welsh; res, Richardson and Card and Bricknell’s Large Black.
Berkshire Glebe Farm Berkshires’ sow Jobesmajor Royal Lustre 51; res, Glebe Farm Berkshires sow Jobesmajor Royal Lustre 23.
British Lop J Collings’ boar Liskeard Charles 15; res, J Collings’ sow Liskeard Pride 112.
Saddleback A R Gready’s sow Heytesbury Bell 11; res, S J and A L Booth’s sow Chapel Joyful 15.
Duroc A P and P C Rose’s boar Maddaford Goff 4; res, A P and P C Rose’s sow Maddaford Torntofte.
Gloucester Old Spot M V Hicks’ sow Windmill Bluebell 2; res, M V Hicks’ sow Windmill Princess 16.
Landrace N L G Hunkin’s sow Shutvale Princess; res, N L G Hunkin’s boar Shutvale Lagom 110.
Large Black The Marquess of Salisbury’s sow Crane Nocturne 56; res, P G Snell’s sow Sock Skylark 16.
Large White S J S Loveless’ sow Port Bredy Beryl; res, T Newth’s sow Port Bredy Beryl 702.
Middle White T Bretherton’s sow Gracebank Woodlands Lady 01; res, T Bretherton’s Gracebank Woodland Lady 48.
Tamworth Boyton Farms’ sow Berkswell Maple 58; res, C G and S J Howes’ boar Stoneymoor Royal Standard 7.
Welsh P M Fowlie’s sow Braemoor Nina 4; res, P M Fowlie’s sow Braemor Nina 11.

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