Hereford heifer ends Simmental domination at Shrops and West Mids

A POLLED Hereford heifer ended three years of Simmental domination of the Shropshire and West Midland Show’s individual beef interbreed championships.

Judge Clive Davies admitted the high quality of all the beef breed champions made his job tough, but he finally gave Robert and Ann Shaw their first major championship.

shrops ib beef

Interbreed beef winner was the Herford heifer Hallwood 1 Oyster from Robert and Ann Shaw.

Their September 2004 born Hallwood 1 Oyster is one of just 25 pedigree Herefords they run on their South Wirral arable and beef unit. She will next appear at the Royal Show.

Her win was a blow for Roger Birch and his family. Their Simmentals had taken the top award at the Shrewsbury event every year since 2002, and after parading both the Simmental and Belgian Blue breed champions they were hoping to take top spot and reserve.

shrops simm champ

Reserve interbreed spot was claimed by Roger Birch’s Simmental heifer Celtic Princess.

But the man who runs 20 pedigree cattle on less than 2ha near Stafford was sanguine after his Simmental heifer Celtic Princess could only capture reserve, and confident her day would come.

“I think she was the choice of a lot of people at the ringside, but she obviously didn’t impress the interbreed judge enough,” said Mr Birch.

Though only two dairy breeds were forward Nick Dain, the interbreed judge, said the quality was superb. For the second year running Ed Seaton of Seaton Farms at nearby Market Drayton led the stylish Hobson Spirit Mona to take the top spot.

shrops holstein champ

Holstein and interbreed dairy champion was this five year old cow from Seaton Farms.

In her last completed lactation the home bred five-year-old produced an incredible 13,500 litres at 5% fat. In reserve was Mary and Andrew Wright’s outstanding Jersey cow , Fourcrosses Sambo Rummy. It was the first appearance at the show of cattle from the couple’s 150-cow herd in Staffordshire.

shrops jersey champ

Reserve interbreed spot in the dairy lines was taken by the Jersey cow Fourcrosses Sambo Rummy.

The climax of the sheep interbreed brought a showdown between a terminal sire breed and a hill breed and between two highly regarded showmen.

Fresh from his interbreed win at the Three Counties Show Dick Powell’s Kerry Hill ram went head to head with Robert and Jeanette Gregory’s two shear Charollais ewe.

shrops char ewe

Chunky Charollais….Leader in the sheep lines was this Charollais shearling ewe from Robert and Jeanette Gregory.

Judge Andrew Jones kept the huge ringside crowd waiting while he handled the two sheep several times before placing his straw hat on the rump of the Charollais.

He said the main things separating the two were the ewe’s outstanding conformation and the way she seemed to float across the ground when she walked.

shrops kerry hill champ

Fresh from an interbreed win at Three Counties Dick Powell’s Kerry Hill ram had to be content with reserve spot at Shrops and West Mids.


Interbreed R and A Shaw’s Hereford heifer Hallwood 1 Oyster ; res, R Birch’s Simmental heifer Celtic Princess.
Interbreed Pairs Herefords; res, Belgian Blues.
Interbreed Team of Five Belgian Blues; res, Charolais.
Commercial Beef F Jones and Son; res, B Williams.
Hereford R and A Shaw’s heifer Hallwood 1 Oyster ; res R F Bailey’s Llandeilo Hall Beauty.
British Charolais W Everall’s bull Shraden Osram; res, A Platt’s cow Midas Nancy.
British Limousin J Vance and Son’s bull Winnington Undile; res, P and N Simms’ cow Simbo Sugar.
Simmental R Birch’s heifer Celtic Princess; res, J and H Mumford’s bull Shebdon Paul.
Belgian Blue R Birch’s cow Boomer Whitney; res, A Neachel and Son’s bull Cromwell Wellington.
British Blonde J Richardson and Son’s cow Warmingham Susie; res, M Owen and T Harvey’s heifer Bickley Ultra Ultra.
South Devon G Goodwin’s heifer Eyton SAS Llanblethian; res, W Sandford’s bull Haughton SAS Joe Louis.
Longhorn S Barker’s heifer Carreg Dell; res, L Dixon’s cow Julaw Alke.
Welsh Black C and M Carberry’s cow Graig Goch Meriel; res, G and D James’s bull Syfni ap Rhys.
Dexter M and S Bancroft’s Moonshine Platinum; res, M and S Bancroft’s cow Moonshine Perdita.
Seaton Farms’ Holstein cow Hobson Spirit Mona; res, M and A Wright’s Jersey cow Fourcrosses Sambo Rummy.
Interbreed Pairs Holsteins; res, Jerseys.
Interbreed Team of Five Holsteins; res, Jerseys.
Holstein Seaton Farms’ Hobson Spirit Mona; res, R Mayall and Daughter’s Pimhill Eltonstar Blackrose.
Jersey M and A Wright’s cow Fourcrosses Sambo Rummy; res, R and E Taylor’s Lindsay’s Tepee.

Interbreed  R and J Gregory’s Charollais ewe; res, R and R Powell’s Kerry Hill ram.
Interbreed Group of Three H Francis’s Suffolks; res, R and R Gregory’s Charollais.
Beltex D Bishop’s ram; res, D and K Jones’s ram.
Black Welsh Mountain Kimberly and Dawson’s ram; res, E Williams’s shearling ewe.
Border Leicester V Johnson’s shearling ram; res, V Johnson’s ewe.
Charollais R and J Gregory’s ewe; res, Murray Farm’s ram.
Dorset/Hampshire Down H Davies’s Hampshire shearling ewe; res, P Meredith’s Hampshire ram lamb.
Jacob D Price’s shearling ewe; res; J Emberton’s ram.
Kerry Hill R and R Powell’s ram; res, G and G Pugh’s shearling ewe.
Lleyn J Hamer’s ram; res, S Peter’s shearling ewe.
Ryeland A G Morgan and Son’s ram; res, W Lawrie’s ewe.
Shropshire M Farquhar’s ewe lamb; res, P Geddes’s ram lamb.
Suffolk V and B Samuel’s ewe lamb; res, V and B Samuel’s shearling ram.
Texel S Smith’s shearling ram; res, H and R Draper’s ewe.
Any Other Pure British Breed G and G Pugh’s Bluefaced Leicester ewe; res, G and G Pugh’s Bluefaced Leicester ewe lamb.
Any Other Pure Continental Breed B Brooke’s Rouge ewe; res, S Morris’s Blue Texel.