Limousin bull dominates Three Counties


DESPITE NOT competing in the interbreed beef pairs competition Limousin bull Sheelin Tiger still managed to dominate proceedings at this year’s Three Counties Show.

Missing out on the pairs competition left brothers David and Gwyn Joseph from Gower disappointed. But they still felt it had been worthwhile making the long trip to Malvern from south Wales to exhibit the bull they use on the herd they established three years ago.

The fact that he beat many high quality cattle from his own and other breeds certainly stimulated interest in the semen straws the partners were promoting at the event.

sheelin tiger 3 counties 05

Limmy leader and overall beef champion was Sheelin Tiger from David and Gwyn Joseph

Without the giant bull Limousin breeders had to watch Archie MacGregor, the interbreed judge, pull out a brace of Ernie Hemmings’s Belgian Blues, with two of Colin Hutchings Aberdeen Angus cattle in reserve.

Mr Hemmings, who runs less than 10 pure Blues, missed his biggest ever showring victory because his farm at Nailsworth in Gloucestershire was being inspected as part of a cropping competition.


beef pairs three counties

Beef pairs champions were the Belgian Blues from Ernie Hemmings

Melanie Alford, whose family run two farms and three butchers’ shops in the West Country, probably sported the biggest smile on the showground after picking up both the championship and reserve in strong classes for commercial cattle.

However, she was closely matched by Eleanor Davies, who paraded Furze CB Allen Bertha, the in-milk heifer that stood as Holstein championship. It was the first big win for her and her husband Paul, who work as freeze branders, but own shares in two cows.

Judge Mark Nutsford was full of praise for the winner, but with just two in-milk cows forward, he was scathing about the low number of entries.

3 counties sheep champ 05

Kerry cracker…..Interbreed champion sheep was this Kerry Hill ram from Dick and Robina Powell

“The problem is that at many county shows the prize money is pathetic and herds cannot afford to compete,” the Cheshire breeder said. “People come to shows to see animals and it is time money was siphoned off from other sections to encourage livestock exhibitors.”

The climax of the sheep classes was played out in blistering heat with some heavily fleeces animals showing early signs of stress. But interbreed judge David Williams wasted no time in deciding that a showy Kerry Hill ram exhibited by Dick and Robina Powell from Powys should take the top award, with Viv Samuel’s  outstanding yearling Suffolk ram in reserve.

3 counties pig 05

Porcine prize winner…. Top spot in the pig lines went to Landrace sow Ceirios Marilyn 34 from the Davies family.


Interbreed T M Joseph and Sons’ British Limousin bull Sheelin Tiger; res, E L Lewis and Son’s Hereford bull Haven Wizard.
Interbreed Pairs British Belgian Blue; res, Aberdeen Angus.
Hereford E L Lewis and Son’s bull Haven Wizard; res, A G Wright and Sons (Farms) Ltd’s cow Badingham Blossom.
Aberdeen Angus N and B Pittams heifer Dark Land Jasmine; res, C J Hutching and Sons’ bull Curlon Endeavour.
British Belgian Blue E R Hemmings’ bull Paulern Valensca; res, E R Hemmings’ bull Paulern Vinni Et.
British Charolais R Hassell’s cow Penfold Rosetta; res, R J Wyllie’s heifer Brailes Vienna.
British Limousin T M Joseph and Sons’ bull Sheelin Tiger; res, C J Hutchings and Sons’ cow Heathlands Tamaria.
Britsh Simmental D Jones’s bull Sundial Lewis; res, H J Brown’s cow Cliftonswood Beauty.
Devon Stonegrove Livestock’s bull Stonegrove Fearless; res, Stonegrove Livestock’s heifer Stonegrove Noire.
Highland J Monk’s cow Elizabeth of Chadwck; res, H A Dawe’s heifer Heather of Craycombe.
Longhorn A V Brigg’s cow Gorse Graceful; res, Bollin Valley Partnership’s heifer Bollin Echo.
Murray Grey D Wildenstein’s bull Blue Nile; res, Otter and Co’s heifer Ashrose Elizabeth.
South Devon M Plain’s cow Foxhole Martha; res, W H Scott’s bull Grove Hector.
Commercial Cattle M Alford’s Charolais cross heifer Silver Queen; res M Alford,s  Limousin x Charolais steer The Real Macoy.

Holstein Davies and Roberts’ heifer Furze CB Allen Bertha; res, M and G Potter’s cow Ectasy LLH Earl.

Interbreed A and M Park’s Dexter cow Charlmoor Sarah; res, C Moody’s Red Poll cow Warren Polka.
Interbreed Pairs Gloucesters; res, Dexters.
Gloucester K W Burgess’s heifer Fenton Kristin; res, E S McKechnie’s bull Stanley Arthur.
Dexter A and M Park’s cow Charlmoor Sarah; res, J A Knight’s bull Knightsway Paddy.
Red Poll C Moody’s cow Warren Polka; res, Moreton Red Polls’ bull Moreton Red Tobias.

R and R Powell’s Kerry Hill ram; res, V and B Samuel’s Suffolk shearling ram.
Interbreed (Terminal Sire Breeds) V and B Samuel’s Suffolk shearling ram; res, L Organ’s Charollais shearling ram.
Beltex D Bishop’s ram lamb; res, A Bishop’s ewe lamb.
Berrichon Du Cher C Hillhouse’s shearling ram; res, M Willams and Partners’ shearling ewe.
British Bleu Du Maine M Vile’s shearling ewe; res, S and P Norman’s shearling ram.
British Charollais L Organ’ shearling ram; res, N Oughton’s shearling ram.
Clun Forest E L Smith’s ram; res, D Searl’s shearling ewe.
Dorset Down B Lumsden’s shearling ram; res, J M Ward’s ram lamb.
Hampshire Down J L Davies’s shearling ewe; res, E and S Jones’s shearling ewe.
Leicester Longwool L L Parson’s ram; res, S and A Goodman’s shearling ewe.
Lleyn A G Selway’s shearling ewe; res, S E Peter’s ram.
Oxford Down P Quick and Sons’ shearling ewe; res, Watson and Grain’s shearling ewe.
Rouge De L’Ouest P Tait’s shearling ram; res, P Tait’s group of three.
Suffolk V and B Samuel’s shearling ram; res, A E Weaver and Sons’ ewe lamb.
Texel A and S Andrews’ shearling ram; res, L E P Farms’ shearling ewe. 
Vendeen C J Vernon-Miller’s shearling ewe; res, B Drury’s shearling ram.
Zwartbles C J Sully’s ewe; res, K Jones’s ewe.
Badger Face Welsh Mountain J Langford’s ewe; res, L Levinge’s ram.
Black Welsh Mountain E O Williams’s ewe; res, H G Bowden’s ewes.
Cotswold P Froehlich’s ram; res, P Froehlich’s shearling ram.
Dorset Horn and Poll Dorset P Wyatt’s ram; res, G Jones’s ewe lamb.
Jacob S V Taylor’s shearling ewe; res, J Emberton’s ram.
Kerry Hill R and R Powell’s ram; res, G Pugh’s ewe.
Lincoln Longwool J Newman’s ram; res, S and C Higgins’ shearling ewe. 
Ryeland R P Wear’s ram; res, G M Bishop’s ewe.
Any Other Down Breed A and S Andrews’ Blue Texel ram; res, M Farquhar’s Shropshire shearling ewe.
Lamb Carcass H J Sparrey’s Beltex x Texel; res, J T Taylor’s Texel x Suffolk cross.

Interbreed (Modern Pig)
D G Davies and Daughter’s Landrace sow Ceirios Marilyn 34; res, Glamorgan Vale Welsh Pigs’ Welsh gilt Slade Winchats.
Interbreed (Traditional Pig)
S L Barnfield’s Berkshire sow Kilcot Royal Lustre 11; res, P G Snell and Sons’ Large Black sow Sock Bess 40.
Gloucester Old Spot H Moss’s sow Winterwood Princess 118; res, H Moss’s gilt Winterwood Princess 128.
Berkshire S L Barnfield’s sow Kilcot Royal Lustre 11; res, Glebe Farm Berkshires’s gilt Jobesmajor Royal Lustre 32.
British Saddleback L Perkins’s sow Colonyvlence Lottie 6; res, Messrs Edwards and Thomas’s gilt Pantysgawen Babble 4.
Tamworth C G Howes’ gilt Stoneymoor Jacqueline 12; res, C G Howes’ gilt Stoneymoor Golden Rose 13.      
Other Modern/Traditional Breeds Glamoran Vale Pedigree Welsh Pigs’ Welsh sow Slade Winchat; res, M V Hicks British Lop sow Windmill Excelsa 6.