Prince Charles endorses British beef at Euro beef event

Prince Charles has endorsed British beef by hosting a dinner at Clarence House this week for top chefs, meat buyers and supermarket heads from countries across Europe that import British beef.

John Cross, English Beef and Lamb Executive chairman, said the event was about “celebrating our relationship with our Continental buyers”.

“It went down very well, the provenance of the beef was discussed at length. Our guests were delighted and we’re pleased the Prince was able to use such impressive surroundings to help us.”

To promote beef from across Britain four native breeds were dished-up – Scotch Aberdeen Angus, South Devon, Sussex and Welsh Black.

Great Britain currently exports about 700t a week compared with the 5000t a week exported in 1995 before the ban.

The event was co-funded by the English Beef and Lamb executive, Hybu Cig Cymru and Quality Meat Scotland.

Prince Charles talks up British beef with Flammette Fadda of Panorama magazine and Jeff Martin, MLC’s trade agent in Italy.

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