Rare quadruplet calves born in Canada

A family of beef farmers in Canada are celebrating the one-in-11-million birth of quadruplet calves.

Last Friday, a Charolais cow on a farm in Saskatchewan, Canada, gave birth to quadruplet calves – beating reported odds of 11.2m to one.

Calvin Lamport and his family, who run the farm near Alida in south east Saskatchewan, had expected the five-year-old Charolais to deliver twins.

But after the first two were born, Mr Lamport noticed a third one and pulled it out. The fourth calf was born about half an hour later unassisted, it was reported.

“For the past two years in a row, she had twins. We were kind of expecting her to have twins again this year, but we definitely weren’t expecting that she was going to have four,” Mr Lamport’s son, Layne, who assisted his father, told the Times Colonist.

According to reports, the two bull and two heifer calves each weighed about 23kg. A nurse cow has been drafted in to help raise the calves.

Mr Lamport’s daughter Kayla later posted pictures and videos online of the newborn quadruplets.