Scots see off cross-border raiders at Highland

DESPITE A concerted effort by exhibitors from both the south and across the Irish Sea, the Scots had it pretty much their own way at last week’s Highland show picking up all three interbreed tickets.

Among the beef cattle Limousin breeders and feeders were to the fore in every interbreed catergory, picking up the overall interbreed, the interbreed team title, the junior interbreed award and the commercial beef championship.

Leading the way for the breed was the imported French bull Samy from Robert Graham’s Bridge of Allan-based Grahams herd. Having picked up the breed award at last year’s Highland, Samy, led out by stockman Ian Anderson, went one better this year to take the overall title.

highland lim champ

Beef interbreed winner was Limousin bull Samy from
Robert Graham’s Bridge of Allen-based 50-cow Grahams herd.

Samy, whose dam Nova is by Jersey, the sire of Mr Graham’s world record priced bull Samson, was described by judge Terry Coghill as exactly the sort of bull he’d like to take home to Orkney. “He has power, mobility and superb muscling, you could want no more from a bull.”

Standing reserve to Samy was the commercial section leader, Limousin cross heifer Eye Candy from Alistair and Liz Vance. Bought from leading primestock breeders Thirlwell Castle at Carlisle last September for £2100, 23 month old Eye Candy was reserve champion heifer at last year’s Royal Smithfield Show. She now heads for the Great Yorkshire in July.

The junior interbreed ticket was taken by Ronald Dick’s homebred Limousin heifer Ronick Unicer, standing reserve was the Simmental heifer Blackford Pam from Billy and Ann MacPherson.

highland simmy

Simmental champion was Darshams Kit Kat from Paul Clements’ Darshams herd,
lead out by Jimmy McMillan Kit Kat was building on her
succesful show career with another breed championship.

Meanwhile, both the Charolais and Simmental breed championships were taken by members of the McMillan family. Jimmy McMillan senior brought out his homebred heifer Dunesk Unesta to take the Charolais title, while Jimmy McMillan junior took the Simmental title with the ever-successful cow Darshams Kit Kat from Paul Clements’ Stowmarket, Suffolk-based Darshams herd.

highland charolais

Charolais leader was this heifer from Jimmy McMillan senior.
This year’s show was Mr McMillan’s first time showing at the Highland
in his own name since his Young Farmer days.

Among the sheep lines it was a first interbreed win with a Texel for John Forsyth. Taking the ticket in the hands of Glenside flock shepherd Geoff Aiken was a homebred shearling ewe by the 120,000gns tup Loosebeare Imp and out of a ewe by Muiresk Glenfiddich.

highland texel

Sheep leader was this Texel shearling ewe from John Forsyth’s Gelside flock.
The shearling ewe, by 120,00gns sire Loosebeare Imp,
was brought out by shepherd Geoff Aiken.

Reserve spot was claimed by Co Antrim-based Sam Smyth’s Rouge De L’Ouest shearling ram which was bought last year at Dungannon for 980gns from Jane Pollock. Interbreed judge Tom Laird described both sheep as tremendous examples of their breeds. “I can envisage progeny of both these animals hanging up in abattoirs and they would be exactly what the market wants.”

highland rouge

Reserve spot in the sheep lines went to the Rouge
champion from Co Antrim-based Sam Smyth.

The interbreed pairs championship was taken by the Suffolks of Anne Hutchon and John Sinnett, with the Blackface pair standing reserve.

In the dairy lines it was a win for Balfron, Glasgow-based Robert Steel with the imported Canadian fourth calver Altona Lee Rudolph Summer. Imported from Canada as a calf Summer gave 10,852 litres in her last lactation at 3.31% protein and 4.21% butterfat.

Meanwhile, both the junior interbreed and dairy team championships were also taken by the Holsteins, with Brian Yates’ cow Logan Outside Roxy taking the junior title ahead of Robert Hunter’s Jersey cow Clydevalley Jude Luita.


Interbreed R and J Graham’s Limousin bull Samy; res, A and E Vance’s Limousin cross heifer Eye Candy.
Junior Interbreed R Dick’s Limousin heifer Ronick Unicer; res, W G MacPherson’s British Simmental heifer Blackford Pam.
Interbreed Team Limousin; res, Simmental
Native Interbreed Team Aberdeen Angus; res, Highland.
Aberdeen Angus W Glazebrook’s bull Drumcrow Proud Peacock; res, J R Galloway’s cow Cardona Edwina.
Beef Shorthorn Messrs J Biggar’s heifer Chapelton Cheerleader; res, Messrs J Biggar and Croxton Park Partnership’s bull Chapelton Toronto.
Belted Galloway The Executors of F Stuart’s cow Mochrum Lilac 2; res, C S Fletcher’s bull Barwise Jigsaw.
British Charolais J A and M F McMillan’s heifer Dunesk Unesta; res, A MacGregor’s bull Harestone Tadorne.
British Simmental A R Clements and Partners’ cow Darshams Kit Kat; res, D Mountain’s bull Starline Marquiss.
British Limousin R and J Graham’s bull Samy; res, B D Mairs cow Ronick Money.
Highland Glasgow City Council’s heifer Una Dun of Pollock; res, W and T Thomson’s cow Morag 12 of Woodneuk.
Lincoln Red A Mylius’ cow St Forth Elspeth; res, A Mylius’ bull St Fort Friar.
Salers G S McClymont’s cow Cuil Kay; res, W Davidson’s bull Portos.
British Belgian Blue A Craig’s cow Woodview Sue; res, B K Ryder’s cow Durore Et De Fooz.
Galloway J and S Ross’s heifer Bertha 214 of Romesbeoch; res, J and A Findlay’s heifer Blackcraig Noreen K89.
Longhorn N Luckett’s heifer Wellhead Dill; res, B and M Llewellyn’s bull Carreg Drover.
Hereford J A Cameron and Son’s bull Baldinnie 1 Oxford; res, A G Wright and Son’s bull Hermitage Apollo.
British Blonde A Walker’s heifer Eilean Ultra; res, I C and S D Archer’s cow Marstonmill Penelope Pitstop.
Commercial Cattle A and E Vance’s Limousin cross heifer Eye Candy; res, E Macpherson and Sons’ Limousin cross steer Scotty.
Beefbreeder/Breedplan Championship S Irvine and Sons’ Limousin bull Anside Viscount; res, W G MacPherson’s Simmental bull Blackford Regalman

Interbreed R Steel and Son’s Holstein cow Altona Lea Rudolph Summer; res, D A Howie and Sons Ayrshire cow Morwick Fawn.
Junior Interbreed B Yates’ Holstein cow Logan Outside Roxy; res, R Hunter’s Jersey Clydevalley Jude Luita.
Interbreed Team Holstein; res, Ayrshire.
Holstein R Steels and Son’s cow Altona Lea Rudolph Summer; res, E M Wolfenden and N Hollick’s cow Whinchat Gibson Lulu.
Ayrshire D A Howie and Sons’ cow Morwick Fawn 3; res, A and S Lawrie’s cow Cuthill Towers Water Lilly.
Jersey Savage and Fleming’s cow Dalena Remake Win Some; res, R Hunter’s cow Clydevalley Jude Luita.
Dairy Shorthorn G E Bayne’s and Son’s cow Marleycote Petal 95; res, G E Bayne and Son’s cow Marleycote Waterloo.

J Forsyth’s Texel shearling ewe; res, S Smyth’s Rouge shearling ram.
Interbreed Pairs Suffolk; res, Blackface.
Blackface D C and J J Marshall’s tup; res, W Ramsay and Sons’ ewe.
Suffolk A H Hutchon’s ewe; res, W H Sinnett and Sons’ shearling ram.
Texel J Forsyth’s shearling ewe; res, J Forsyth’s ewe.
North Country Cheviot Hill Nicholson Farms Celebrig’s tup; res, C J and J M Symons’ ewe.
North Country Cheviot Park G Milne’s tup; res, R and T Dun’s ewe.
Bluefaced Leicester M C Robinson and Sons’ ewe; res, M C Robinson and Sons’ tup.
Border Leicester J W Brown and Others’ ewe; res, J W Brown and Others’ shearling ewe.
Ryeland R Aitken’s ram; res, S J Bryden’s shearling ewe.
Beltex G and H Forsyth’s ewe; res, J W Cowan’s ram.
Charollais F H Kennedy’s ram; res, J Aitken’s shearling ewe.
Cheviot T G O Douglas and Co’s shearling ram; res, J Common and Son’s shearling ewe.
Jacob G Connor and S Dalrymple’s ram; res, M Leggate’s ewe.
Shetland K Sharp’s ewe; res, R Douglas’s shearling ram.
Scotch Mule W Sanderson’s shearling ewe; res, N and J McQuiston’s ewe lamb.
Lleyn Robert Johnson’s ewe; res, Messrs Findlay McGowan’s shearling ewe
Hebridean D Ferguson’s shearling ewe; res, C D Laurie’s ram.
Oxford Down G C Watson and C J Grain’s shearling ewe; res, J W Hook’s ram.
British Rouge S Smyth’s shearling ram; res, S Smyth’s shearling ewe.
Berrichon Du Cher Fraser and McGlothin’s ewe; res, Messrs Cockbain and Sons’s ram.
Bleu Du Maine G Shanks’ ram; res, J W and K M Davison’s ram.
Commercial Sheep J Runciman and Sons’ shearling ewe; res, Messrs Sutherland Stibminster and Stainland Farm’s ewe with lambs at foot.
Prime Lambs A F Gibson’s Beltex crosses.