Spring turnout: We want your pictures and videos

It is almost that time of year when we want to see your spring turnout pictures and videos.

Many farmers have been hampered in turning out their livestock by the heavy rain and flooding in recent months.

But with spring approaching, many farmers will begin turning out their calves and dairy cows.

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Early grazers are already out and we have seen the first lot of pictures of new lambs on grass.

Now, after a long, wet winter spent indoors, cows and calves up and down the UK are itching to get out and we want to see your pictures of videos of turnout.

We all know how excited they can get…see this YouTube video posted by the funkyfarmer, AKA

Richard Comock, who runs a small dairy farm in Gloucestershire.

Please send us your videos and pictures to us, either via email to fwlivestock@rbi.co.uk or via Twitter at @FarmersWeekly with the hashtag #springturnout

We look forward to seeing your pictures and videos.