Top tips for selecting bulls by estimated breeding values (EBVs)

Selecting a new stock bull from the many available at a sale is an art form in itself. But it’s not all about where it is placed in the show ring, or whether it simply meets with your approval visually.

With estimated breeding values available on most bulls, many potential buyers don’t spend enough time going over them before selecting a bull. Identifying the traits you need in the bull is the first step, before matching those up with want you want visually.

Last week’s Perth Bull Sales provided a prime opportunity for buyers to assess a range of bulls with a variety of figures behind them.

In our video from the sale, leading pedigree and commercial breeder and Farmers Weekly‘s Beef Farmer of the Year runner-up Adrian Ivory talks us through what buyers should be looking for.

“EBVs are not all about the end value, you have to think about the many traits that make up that value. Equally you should never by a bull on fantastic figures if it doesn’t look right, or by the one that looks the best but has poor figures.”