Blue Chip package to lift performance

Can you imagine having the use of a fully integrated farming system, completely free of charge or risk for six months, which is also guaranteed to improve both profits and animal health?

Sounds too good to be true, but this is exactly what Farmers Weekly, in conjunction with Keenan, is offering four lucky readers. Starting today with the first question, the competition will run for the next four weeks until 14 September.

Simply answer the questions, which are based on the articles, and on 14 September all four questions will be repeated with an entry coupon. Readers will have the opportunity to win a Keenan Blue Chip package for six months which includes:

  • A new Keenan Klassik mixer of your choice
  • Full Rumans nutrition support
  • Access to the unique Keenan Hi-fibre approach
  • The Rumans Dry Cow feeding programme
  • On-farm machine commissioning
  • Full training on how to use the machine
  • Performance monitoring based on agreed performance targets
  • Full 24/7 machinery service

What makes Blue Chip special?

Keenan introduced the Blue Chip package into the UK market last year as a unique way of experiencing the major herd health and performance improvements from the Keenan System with minimum financial risks.

Such is Keenan’s confidence in the system and commitment to performance improvement that livestock farmers are offered the use at a low monthly rental. Farmers are asked to implement it for six months, see significant improvements in herd performance or simply end it there and then.

Major Performance Improvements

In dairy herds, margin improvements of £165 a cow can be seen within one year, with longer-term customers getting up to £800 a cow over five years.

In suckler herds, margin improvements of £150 a cow are achieved within two years and for short-term finishers the typical improvement is £35 a head.

Dairy farmer Nikki Scott of Westhill, Aberdeenshire, has certainly seen the benefits from taking on the Blue Chip offer. “We put our margin per cow at £3.52. With the implementation of the Rumans’ advice and the benefits offered through better diet preparation, the margin per cow per day has increased to £4.33 – an increase of 81p/day.

At the heart of Blue Chip is a fully integrated system incorporating the unique benefits of the Keenan System to deliver consistent improvement to livestock performance by naturally using the basic physiology of the ruminant to chew its feed and extract more value.

In fact, the system and its support services has been awarded the 2007 RASE Silver Medal, plus the prestigious Institution of Agricultural Engineers Sustainability Award for the contribution it has made to the bottom line of users.

The benefits of the system were recognised by the IAgrE in its citation where it comments that the Keenan System has “the proven potential to make a significant contribution to the achievement of sustainability in agriculture and land use”.

The Institution also added that their definition of sustainability was seen as making enough money to stay in business and that all System users were showing improved profits.

The reduction of methane and the overall success of Keenan’s dry cow strategy and the resulting improvement in animal health and performance were also highlighted.

Calculate the Benefits

If you want to see how much you can make by switching over to Blue Chip, you can use Keenan’s special web-based calculator. Using you own herd information you can quickly work out exactly what your financial benefits could be.


What was the increase in margin/cow in Nikki Scotts’ dairy herd after implementing Rumans’ advice on the Blue Chip offer?

a. 80p/day

b. 81p/day

c. 75p/day

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