Cattle squeeze

A new cattle crush featuring a squeeze mechanism to improve the routine handling of cattle on large US feedlots – and also one 1400-head Pembrokeshire dairy herd – was launched to UK producers at the show.

Haverfordwest-based Cattle Force is acting as selling agent for the huge, sturdy looking Pearson cattle crushes imported from Thedford, Nebraska.

“They’re designed for high throughput, regular use and are built to last,” said Cattle Force’s Will Prichard.

“The squeeze mechanism can accommodate any size of animal using a rachet design used on US units since the 1970s.”

Mr Prichard, whose Nuffield scholarship in 2000 looked at cattle handling systems around the world, said the Pearson system met many of the criteria his studies suggested were needed for safe handling.

“It can be supplied with a holding pen and curved, sheeted raceway that encourages animals to move forward.

“Safety is paramount and the unit features a vet’s door at the neck allowing blood sampling for disease control such as bovine TB to be carried out swiftly and easily.”

Bottom gates allow access for producers to belly clip cattle and top gates give access for injections and clipping.

Prices start at 3200, but savings in labour from higher throughputs should ameliorate expenditure.

“We have 1400 dairy cattle at home on six-monthly testing and we can clear the lot in two days with our vet; they allow tremendous throughputs,” he added.

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