Charles Sercombe re-elected as chairman of NFU livestock board

Leicestershire farmer Charles Sercombe has been unanimously re-elected as chairman of the NFU’s national livestock board.

Meanwhile, Andy Foot from Dorset has replaced Bill Mellor as vice-chairman.

Speaking after his re-election, Mr Sercombe, who farms 2,000 sheep near Melton Mowbray, said: “I am delighted to get this overwhelming vote of confidence from the board and look forward to building on the work of the past two years.”

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He said beating bovine TB will remain a priority for the forthcoming year and said the board would look into movement and TSE controls for sheep.

He added: “Despite strong demand on global markets, efforts by major retailers to cut their prices will also impact on our beef and sheep farmers and we will work tirelessly to stress the benefits of long-term investment in British supply chains to secure the future of our industry.”

Yorkshire vegetable grower Guy Poskitt has been elected as the new chairman of the NFU national horticulture and potatoes board.

Mr Poskitt is replacing Sarah Dawson, who has stepped down after five years as chairman.

He said: “I am looking forward to taking on the role as chairman and with it the many challenges facing the country’s growers; from ensuring the industry can adapt in a post-SAWS world to changes that will affect us as a result of reforms to CAP. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sarah Dawson for the great work she has done on behalf of the industry in her five years as chairman.”

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