Coccidiosis controlled with single dose

Sheep farmers can now prevent coccidiosis in lambs and protect liveweight gains by using a single treatment.

Baycox Sheep from Bayer Animal Health has been shown to be effective at killing the coccidial parasite and reducing shedding of coccidial oocysts, which then also lowers disease challenge to the rest of the flock.

Coccidiosis in lambs typically occurs at 4-6 weeks of age, although it can be seen earlier, explained Bayer.

“The most common sign of coccidial infection in lambs is diarrhoea. However other signs can include fever, lack of appetite and general unthriftiness.”

And coccidial infection, even in sub-clinical levels will still damage the gut and compromise growth and performance.

“Once clinical signs are seen then damage to the gut has already been done so preventative treatment across the flock is essential to minimise production losses,” the company says.

“Typically on farms with a coccidial challenge, a single dose of Baycox Sheep should be administered to lambs seven days before coccidial scours would have historically occurred.”

The advantage of Baycox Sheep is farmers are in control of administering the single oral dose and so can ensure lambs receive the correct and effective dosage needed for protection, said Bayer.

“In contrast, the success of in-feed treatments and licks is reliant on the animal consuming a sufficient dose for protection to be achieved.”

Farmers are advised to seek help from their vet to determine the most effective time to dose lambs for the specific management system on their farm.