Coronavirus: Create an emergency plan in case you fall ill

Farm consultants from the Farm Advisory Service have created an emergency document to help farmers plan ahead in case they fall ill during the coronavirus pandemic.

The emergency plan template is available to download and allows farmers to record essential information to ensure someone can care for livestock if a key worker becomes unwell.

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The template only takes a short time to complete and allows farmers to document:

  • Emergency contacts: names and numbers of vets, accountants, contractors and advisers
  • Information such as where stock and the medicine cabinet are located
  • Stock numbers
  • Management information such as lambing and calving dates
  • Farm maps can also be attached

Chloe McCulloch, principal consultant at SAC Consulting, part of Scotland’s Rural College which delivers the Farm Advisory Service programme, urged farmers to complete the document as soon as possible.

“The key to success this year, regardless of the type of farm, is to have a robust plan and to take some time now to think through what you would do and who you would phone in the event you or members of the team become unwell,” she said. 

You van download a copy of the emergency plan template online.