‘Cow slippers’ aim to treat hoof diseases

A new cow bandage will help keep foot ointments at the site of infection and improve treatment success.

The Cowslipper from Netherlands-based ‘The Cowslipper Company’ is a rapid fitting bandage with spongy filling, which can be placed between the claws and fastened by velcro.

The treatment of a lame cow starts with careful and skilled hoof trimming. After trimming, the claw needs to be cleaned and dried and afterwards treated with an ointment or spray.

The Cowslipper helps to bring the care product to the affected areas. The narrow part of the Cowslipper is placed between claws and the broader part against the bulb of the heel. After applying the Cowslipper, the cow can walk normally and contamination by manure will be prevented.

By the movements of the claws during walking, the spray or ointment will be pushed to the bulb of the heel. The slipper can easily be refilled during the treatment. This can be done daily in the milking parlor.

Cowslipper advantages:

1. Easy to apply

2. Spongy filling takes care of ongoing supply of spray/ointment

3. Prevents contamination with manure

4. Easy to refill

Every dairy farmer has to deal with hoof problems and sustains economic damage as a result. Damage varies from £100-300 a lame cow and consequently improvement in hoof health can reduce costs significantly.

Cowslippers can be bought in packs of 10 costing £4.50 a slipper.

For more information you can contact the Cowslipper company – www.cowslipper.com, email info@cowslipper.com, or by phoneon  +31(0)529 466 675.

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