Dairy Event 2010: Dietetic feed helps calf diarrhoea

A new dietetic feed could help reduce digestive disturbance (diarrhoea) in calves.

Scourproof Extra from Forum Animal Health is a source of electrolytes and easily absorbable carbohydrates for stabilising water and electrolyte balance in calves. It uses a unique formulation to reduce fluid loss in calves.

Calf diarrhoea is the most important problem in young calves and causes more financial loss for the calf producer than any other problem. It can affect up to 20% of calves at a cost of up to £123 a case or £2460 for 100 calves.

Forum Animal Health will be giving away a free one “calf course: of 4x 100g sachets to the first 500 farmers on the stand each day at the Dairy Event.