Dairy Event 2010: Teagle extend bale shredder and silage feeder range

An extended range of bale shredders and silage feeders are now available from Teagle.

The twin crossbeater Tomahawk 1010 will hold 9cu.m of clamp silage, three round bales of straw or two full size Hesston bales. The lower sided Tomahawk 1005 has a capacity of 6cu.m of clamp silage, but because of its single crossbeater, it is also ideally suited for processing baled silage.

The new 1010 model is not simply a stretched version of the 8080 and 9090 models, but has a heavier bed chain and the largest diameter fan on the market. The fan/crossbeater/conveyor combination has been engineered to give a high output and performance compatible with the size of machine.

The 1010 has a retail price of £23,450 and the 1005 is listed at £20,750

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