Cow-housing cooling system boosts milk production

An evaporative cooling system has increased production, reduced insect infestation and controlled dust levels for a Nottinghamshire dairy farmer.

The Hydor system cools surrounding air with tiny droplets of water which evaporate in the heat rising from animals, while also maintaining optimum humidity levels

Mark Hornbuckle, Ivy House Farm, Nottinghamshire says, “The herd is milking better and is far more comfortable, and our problem with flies in the parlour has reduced. We are also looking to extend the system to the feeding lines in our cubicle sheds in the future.”

Within milking parlours and holding yards, it is vital that cows are kept comfortable to optimise production levels. The lower temperatures and reduced insect infestation are shown to increase productivity in milk yield and fat percentage.

An even, comfortable temperature in feeding and housing areas promotes increased food intake levels – further improving productivity and helping to avoid potentially fatal heat stress levels in the herd.