Dairy Event 2009: Big silage grab from Trioliet

Dutch company Trioliet had two new items on show at the Dairy Event – the Solomix2 1800 VLC mixer wagon and Triomaster S silage grab.

The Solomix VLC has a curved chain conveyer with side shift to the left and right at a maximum angle of 29deg.

There are two widths available, 2.29m and 2.54m, the former able to discharge at a height of 1.35m and the latter 1.5m.

The 2cu m capacity Triomaster has a maximum load of 1200kg and can cut all forage types at up to a height of 2.5m.

Because the rams pull the shear grab shut, instead of pushing, there’s more force available too.

It needs a 4.5t capacity loader to operate, can be fitted with a weighing system and costs £9000.


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