Dairy Event 2009: New products – Probiotic cleaner to NVZ management

Probiotic cleaner lowers bug risk by up to 90%

The first probiotic cleaner lowering the risk of pathogen development by up to 90% is now available.

Probiotics in Progress (PIP) by EnviroSystems, is a long-term alternative to disinfectant, using natural probiotic bacteria to out compete pathogens, with the friendly bacteria dominating the area through the process of competitive exclusion.

The range includes cow and feet concentrate and animal housing concentrate cleaner and stabiliser, which can be foamed on to parlours once a week, resulting in lower cell counts, incidence of mastitis and digital dermatitis.

  • For more information contact Envirosystems 01772 860 085 or visit the website.

List-topping forage maizes available

Two new forage maize varieties topping the 2010 NIAB Descriptive List with dry matter yields of 20.1t/ha, are now available.

NK Smile from Syngenta is the highest yielding variety on the NIAB Descriptive List 2010 and from maturity class five varieties it combines great feed quality with exceptional dry matter yield.

With a starch content of 32.3% and ME score of 11.1MJ/kg DM, this equates to an exceptional starch and ME yield of 6.48t/ha and 224,000 MJ/ha, respectively.

Suitable for a wider geographical area, NK Jasmic in maturity class six is also the highest yielding variety at less favourable sites at 19.4t/ha, 0.5t/ha more dry matter yield than the second highest MC six variety. With an ME yield of 223,000MJ/ha, the variety could also be good for biogas production.

  • For further details contact Syngenta 01223 883 525 or visit the website.

NVZ manager makes compliance a lot easier

A new NVZ management tool could soon make compliance with NVZ regulations a whole lot easier, taking the stress out of inspections.

NVZ Manager from the Dairy Group will provide a review of farm NVZ records, identifying any gaps in the recording system.

Calculations on slurry production and requirements will also be carried out, along with checking the risk maps to make sure they comply with regulations. Advice will also be given on how best to meet NVZ limits and examine the economic implications of the various options.

The aim of this service is to identify where the gaps are in farmers’ own recording and planning, to suggest ways they can improve what they do or to provide the service for them when they wish, says The Dairy Group’s Nick Holt-Martin.

  • For more information contact 01823 44488 or visit the website

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