Dairy Event 2010: Cut out the middle man with a milk vending machine

Milk vending machines could be the solution for dairy farmers to connect with the consumer and increase profits.

Milk Stations from The Milk Station Company (TMSC) allow the direct sale of milk to the consumer by dispensing milk into containers provided by customers according to the amount of money inserted.

By cutting out the middle man considerably higher profits are achieved without requiring a major investment such as bottling equipment or opening their own outlets, explained the company’s Tommy Szebeni.

TMSC has a choice of eight different models split into three ranges catering for a variety of requirements. They also offer an alternative product, the Milkshake Station, which provides 14 different drinks using milk and flavours – ideal for introducing a healthy drink option to schools and hospitals.

“We sell 600-800 machines a year in Europe and these have been sited on the farm doorstep for sale to local consumers, at farmers markets and in schools and hospitals.”

Prices range from £6500-11,800 depending on model.

For more information call 07931459762 .

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