Dairy Event 2010: Extend the life of sperm

Expanding herds and increasing workload means it’s not easy to catch cows bulling – ultimately impacting on conception rates.

But a new technology which extends the lifespan of sperm makes the timing of AI less important.

SpermVital is an extender that puts the sperm in to a state of “suspended animation”, according to Geno-UK’s Wes Bluhm. “SpermVital means sperm are encapsulated in a gel which dissolves gradually, allowing the sperm to become active and capacitate over an extended period, living for about 48 hours in the cow instead of the usual 24 hours.

“This not only makes timing of insemination less critical, but also eliminates the need for double insemination and allows insemination in pro-oestrus instead of waiting for 12 hours following first signs of heat.”

Although the technology is currently only available with Norwegian Red semen at a price of £24-28 a straw, it is hoped the technology will be available for Holsteins in the next two years.

For more information contact Wes Bluhm 07725 511 885 wes@geno-uk.com

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