Dairy-Tech 2020: Latest gadgets and tech for your herd

The Dairy-Tech event returns to Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, on Wednesday 5 February, which showcases the very latest gadgets and innovations.

Organiser, the Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers (RABDF), has announced there will be more than 300 exhibitors and 55 new products at this year’s show.

Here is a taster of some of the innovations that will be there.

Bovine Ketone Monitoring System

Centri Vet CK Meter

Rapid Labs CentriVet bovine ketone monitoring system provides an early warning of ketosis development in cattle.

The condition can have serious consequences but the lack of early clinical signs mean animal health, welfare and production often suffer before it is picked up.

The CentriVet meter and test strips have been specifically calibrated for measuring bovine blood Beta-HBA.

The test sensitivity identifies sub-clinical signs of ketosis in just 10 seconds, allowing prompt nutritional changes to be made before the animal suffers.

Email: vet@rapidlabs.co.uk

Online: rapidlabs.co.uk/centrivet

Phone: 01206 250484

Herdwatch NG

Herdwatch app on mobile

The NG or Next Generation version of the Herdwatch app promises faster response times, quicker links to other smart devices and improved displays.

The app registers calf births, manages breeding-cycle information, stores animal movements and holds individual health records.

The smartphone camera can read tag numbers and text, making it easier and safer to log livestock tag details at a distance.

It also scans barcodes or QR codes to capture product information and uses the smartphone’s Bluetooth system to integrate with EID systems and weigh scales.

Email: conor@herdwatch.com

Online: herdwatch.com

Phone: +353 87 621 3238

Cargill Pulmatop ruminant feed additive

Pulmatop is an antioxidant-rich feed additive designed to boost ruminant immune and respiratory systems.

It is particularly beneficial for youngstock fed routinely ahead and during critical periods in their development such as weaning, regrouping, housing changes or in weather fluctuations.

The additive contains a balance of polyphenols, organic selenium and rumen-protected vitamin C, combined with plant-based essential oils to support the respiratory system.

Clay minerals encourage digestive function and provide intestinal protection.

Email: Josie_hatch@cargill.com

Online: cargill.com/feed

Phone: 01932 861000

Gallagher Complete Solar Station

Gallagher offers a neat, plug-and-play solution to power electric fences.

Gallagher Complete Solar Station

The module overcomes complex installations of the various components needed to charge electric fences even in remote locations.

Each unit consists of an energiser, heavy-duty batteries, large solar panel and earth pegs within one robust portable steel housing.

Once the unit is switched on, the case is electrified protecting it from wildlife, stock and thieves. Available as two battery MB1800i or four battery MB2800i.

Email: Via website

Online: gallagher.eu

Phone: 0247 647 2825

IMV Technologies AlphaVision

Man using IMV Technologies AlphaVision being used on cow

The AlphaVision is an insemination gun equipped with a miniaturised waterproof camera and light.

The real-time image is transmitted to a viewing terminal worn on the arm or a neck strap, which provides images of the cervix and simplifies the insemination process.

Its endoscopic function can also be used to diagnose metritis and deformities, identifying reasons why cows may be difficult to breed. The AlphaVision comes as a complete kit with a 12-month warranty.

Email: miracle@miracletech.co.uk

Phone: 07751 414265

Ambic Locate’n’Spray

Locate'n'Spray under cow

Locate’n’Spray is a fully automated, customisable teat spray system.

Available as a standalone setup or integrated within a rotary milking parlour, the equipment cuts the need for an operator at the “cups-off” stage, the manufacturer claims.

The locator device sits at floor level and is designed to ensure the cow straddles it, which exposes the teats for effective spraying.

The Locate’n’Spray system can be customised with options, including choice of pre-spray, post-spray or pre-and post- spray systems; four or eight nozzles; adjustable spray duration; and double-hit spray to improve coverage.

Email: sales@ambic.co.uk

Online: ambic.co.uk

Phone: 01993 776555

Jydeland Bobman Super

GIrl on ride-on Bobman Super in cow shed

The Bobman Super is a ride-on sweeper and bedding and disinfectant spreader that can carry out all three tasks in one pass.

The large front hopper can hold enough chopped straw, sawdust, wood shavings, waste paper, lime or disinfectant powder to service 150 cubicle spaces.

An attached rotating brush, with extending arm, sweeps the old material in front of the machine’s front-end scraper for removal. The raised ground clearance allows the machine to mount edges and rough surfaces.

Email: jydeland@jydeland.dk

Online: jydeland.com

Phone: +45 86 36 33 00