Dairymaster launches a new rotary parlour range

Most dairy farmers will install only one rotary milking system during their lifetime, so the need to get that decision right is imperative.

With this in mind, Dairymaster has launched a new range of its Swiftflo Revolver parlours to suit all types and size of dairy farm.

The company claims it is the market leader in UK and Ireland for rotary systems, with the new entry level milker, Swiftflo Performance, providing an option for farmers who want the right sized rotary parlour for their farm, with the option to add various levels of automation, should the budget allow.

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Further down the line is the Swiftflo Optimum, ideal for a typical family farm with some automation features such as Swiftflo’s pulse, retention and milk diversion. 

The Swiftflo Endurance is designed for people who want a fully automated solution and is aimed at large-scale farms milking many cows.

This system has advanced technologies including the Swiftflo Commander, Auto ID, Milk Manager and Voice Assist.

The full range uses Rotaglide, which is like the suspension system in a car and is designed to reduce maintenance, improve cow comfort and increase the lifespan of the parlour.

Finally, the Swiftflo Revolver has sensors at both the cow entry and exit to keep a consistent flow of cows into the Dairymaster system.