Keep up with market changes

Change is constant on our weekly Markets pages as numerically they record the ebb and flow of stock sold and prices paid at sale venues nationwide.

But this month will see some changes that may not be as apparent.

For example, Uttoxeter’s Wednesday’s town-centre market – one of over 100 marts featured weekly in our tables – will be making a temporary shift east later this month to Derby cattle market while a new edge-of-town site is developed.

Auctioneers know this will be, at best, late in the spring of next year before a return to Uttoxeter is likely.

For many the initial implications are easy to see; extra road miles for some vendors and their hauliers and a few less for others, depending on the side of the town from which they’re travelling.

But it’s not just farmers who will be affected. Buyers – for whom the market must serve week-in, week-out – will hopefully follow the trade on its temporary sojourn.

Market traders will also see disruption to business while the old site is wound up and the new venue set down.

Like most marts, these offer everything from black buckets to well-heeled wellies and are god-sent for convenience – we take them for granted at our peril.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be back,” said one trader, encouragingly.

The same applies for the time-served staff at the market caf.

While few will miss the steps leading up into this centre of culinary creativity at Uttoxeter, we all rely on a bite to eat and a mug of hot tea or coffee to ward off a chill on autumnal visits to the mart.

And then there’s the wider retail community.

The increased foot traffic on market days on town-centre pavements can only hint at the impact marts have had over generations for the local economy.

And, who knows, even the local trading standards and animal health officers will miss the mart once its gates close later this month.

Whatever the outcome, there is one certainty in this uncertain world of change.

Whatever the markets movements, readers will be able to catch up with the day’s trade on our weekly Markets pages.