Milk-Rites adds vented mouthpiece liner to range

The first ever mouthpiece-vented triangular liner and shell combination is being launched to farmers at the Dairy Event today.

Offered by Milk-Rite the IP-V European Impulse uses air introduced above the teat end, which is a more effective way of moving milk away from the teat, says Milk-Rite’s Pat Grace. “In addition to improving milk flow from the udder, the vent positioning also reduces milk turbulence in the liner and black flow from the claw.”

Back flow of milk is not desirable, since it allows milk and bacteria from one teat to come into contact with other teats on the same cow or other cows. Back-flow increase risk of cross-infection and creates turbulence.

The full technical presentation will be available for viewing on the stand in Exhibition Hall 2, Stand No 226.

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