New products launched to combat digital dermatitis

Two new products have been introduced to help farmers combat digital dermatitis (DD).

Approximately 70% of dairy herds suffer with DD. It is a large and growing problem causing pain and lameness in infected cows. If not treated, it can continue for months.

Bovivet Complete Hoof Bandage, from Kruuse, is an easy and ready-to-use dressing. Its water-repelling material helps keep out unwanted liquids and its shape and elasticity is designed to keep it in place.

The company has also produced a new pre-mixed gel which will help speed up treatment. Kruuse hoof gel 38% contains 38% salicylic acid and will allow more accurate and economical application.

It also reduced potential health risks to the user from inhalation of the powder when mixing.

Digital dermatitis causes concerns for animal welfare and studies have shown it can have a direct impact on milk production and reproduction, causing financial implications.

The most effective way of fighting DD is management and treatment of individual animals. Using the two products together can help fight against the disease.

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