Online energy calculator to work out milking costs

A new online calculator to help farmers find out how much energy their milking system is using and where savings can be made has been launched by DairyCo.

The calculator has been developed by Farm Energy Consultancy Services to work out the efficiency of motors running on farm.

Milk cooling, water heating and vacuum pumps account for 75-90% of energy consumption on a typical dairy farm, says DairyCo.

“It is vital farmers know how much energy they are using and what it is costing them.”

The calculator uses built-in efficiency factors depending on the age of the tank, the regularity of collection and a number of other factors, such as the use of ice water or plate coolers.

The calculator sits alongside the “Energy efficiency on farm booklet”. costs can be calculated for milk cooling, recovery units and vacuum pumps.

Visit the Buildings section in the Farm Info Centre at to try the calculator yourself.

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