Photos: Dairy company launches world’s first fully automated robotic rotary

Dairy technology giant GEA has launched the world’s first fully automated robotic rotary.

DairyProQ is the only robotic rotary on the market equipped with individual milking robots at every stall.

Farmers Weekly was invited to Germany, where farm manager Eckehard Bloettner and his son Stefan have become one of the first dairy units in Europe to install the DairyProQ.

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DairyProQ robotic rotary

The Bloettner family have installed a 40-point unit for the 400-cow herd they manage in Teichroda. It milks 200 cows an hour, turning at one revolution every 12 minutes. 

DairyProQ robotic rotary

Cows walk into the robot and the automatic milking process begins.

DairyProQ robotic rotary

Each stall has its own robotic module.

DairyProQ robotic rotary

Back clusters are attached first, followed by the front ones.

DairyProQ robotic rotary

The robotic module handles each stage of milking, including teat cup attachment, pre-dipping, pre-milking, milking and post-dipping.

DairyProQ robotic rotary

The unit automatically removes and back flushed between milkings to clean the clusters.

DairyProQ robotic rotary control panel

The parlour is manned by one member at staff at every milking, who can override the machine and manually put clusters on cows with poor teat attachment. The manual process also offers a fallback against machine failure.

DairyProQ robotic rotary display panel

DairyNet records individual cow numbers at each stall and information such as days in-milk, somatic cell count, yield and lactation length, can be transferred to the office computer or a smartphone.