Reduce time and effort feeding calves using the Milk Taxi

Dairy farmers can now reduce time and effort feeding calves without the need for an automated feeder using the Milk Taxi says Frank Wright Trouw Nutrition technical manager, John Twigge.

Speaking at the Dairy Event and Livestock Show, Mr Twigge said the Milk Taxi filled the gap between manual bucket feeding and automated calf feeders and will provide cost-effective solutions for many dairy farmers.

“The Milk Taxi is a simple way to bring correctly mixed milk to calves, reducing the effort  required to move milk around the calf shed and so saving time and labour while increasing accuracy of feeding.”

The Milk Taxi comprises of a 120 litre stainless steel tank mounted on an easy to steer trolley. Effective mixing of milk powders is achieved using a floor mounted agitator while an integrated thermometer allowed easy checking of the temperature of the milk.

Milk is dispensed using a battery operated pump and tap which is suitable for filling buckets or teat dispensers. The pump can also be set to dispense a pre-determined quantity.

Mr Twigge said “the Milk Taxi helps avoid many of the pitfalls associated with bucket feeding. The agitator ensures the milk is thoroughly mixed and stays in optimum condition, so helping reduce digestive disorders. The dispensing mechanism also ensures the correct volume is fed.

“The Milk Taxi also offers many of the benefits of automated feeders but at a fraction of the cost,” he said.


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