West Country egg farm celebrates its 30th anniversary

Blackacre Farm Eggs in Somerset, originally set up by husband and wife team Tim and Judy Wood, is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.

The couple bought the farm in 1974 and began rearing chicks for other producers. Having seen an opportunity to start a family egg business in the West Country, they started producing and selling Blackacre Farm Eggs in 1979.

Today the farm is still going strong, producing over 1m eggs a week. With son Dan and daughter Vicky now involved, the Wood family employs 17 full-time members of staff and works with three other local, family-run farms to keep up with demand.

Dan commented: “We have seen many changes as a family working on Blackacre Farm over the years. People are far more concerned about the welfare of the animals that produce their food at Blackacre that has always been paramount. We have always believed that healthy, happy hens will produce healthy and delicious eggs.

“Demand from over 700 customers, including independent shops, restaurants and hotels has meant that we now source from three other family farms to ensure a constant supply of the very best free range eggs.

“Each egg has a code, meaning that through the website (www.blackacrefarmeggs.com) anyone can track the egg to the specific family farm on which it was laid. Also by entering your postcode you can search to find your nearest stockist to ensure there is a minimum amount of distance travelled by Blackacre eggs from our family farms to your home,” he said.