What’s on at the dairy Gold Cup open day?

This year’s NMR/RABDF Gold Cup open day will take place at Metcalfe Farms on Tuesday 18 June.

During the day, the winners of the coveted trophy will reveal the secrets to the success behind their impressive business, which comprises a 1,300-dairy herd, contracting and haulage enterprises.

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Farmer Philip Metcalfe and his 35-strong dairy team will give an insight into how they are managing one of the top-performing herds in the country and there will be a series of talks from some of the people behind the scenes, including:

  • The Dairy Group’s Ian Ohnstad will explain how they’ve improved milking efficiency at the farm
  • Independent nutritionist Hefin Richards of Rumenation, alongside KW Alternative Feeds, will be explaining how cows are being fed to achieve high milk yields
  • Trouw Nutrition and Bishopton Vets will look at the role of early life nutrition and the wins, losses and draws when it comes to herd health
  • There will be a further talk on the AHDB stand at 12.30pm from Dr Jim Reynolds, a professor in large animal medicine and welfare at Western University in the US
  • Richard Miller, genomics business manager at NMR, will be conducting two sessions on genomic testing and the benefits it can bring.

Attendees can tour the facilities and gain insight into how an all-in/all-out system is now being operated to assist cleaning and disinfecting between each batch of calves.

Key enterprises, such as the anaerobic digester, calving and youngstock, feeding robots and recycled manures solid bedding plant will be showcased.

For further information, including the full programme of events available and to pre-register attendance (this is a must), go to the RABDF website.

If you have any queries please call the office on 02476 639 317.