Ear tags available within two weeks

Farmers worried about getting hold of EID tags in time for this year’s sales can place their orders with Countryside Earlsmere Livestock ID and receive their tags within two weeks, according to the company.

With recently installed high-tech equipment now operating, EID ear tags are available nationwide within two weeks from the manufacturer based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire and Dungannon, NI.

Demand for EID sheep tags has been hectic due to new legislation, with some producers finding tags for lambs difficult to get on time, explains David Mark, Countryside Earlsmere livestock ID managing director.

“Our new, state-of-the-art production facility was operated 24 hours a day in July and extra staff hired so EID tags are currently with customers inside two weeks,” he says.

“As with any new equipment, there were some bedding-in issues, but we have successfully made improvements to both ear tags and applicator.”

Last winter, Countryside Earlsmere was selected by Destron Fearing, the American leader in livestock identification systems, to market their products across the UK, which includes the Destron Fearing range of Duflex ear tags.

Tim Cronin, vice-president of Europe Destron Fearing, says: “As EID becomes the norm, this link between Countryside Earlsmere Livestock ID and Destron Fearing will give farmers access to technology not just meeting the demands of EU legislation, but also saving them time and effort reading numbers and keeping accurate, up-to-date, records.”

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