EBLEX planning £5.5m campaign

The English Beef and Lamb Executive is launching a £5.5 million campaign to help producers take advantage of the opportunities for beef presented by the end of the Over 30 Month Scheme.

Funded by DEFRA the three-year campaign, which will have a March launch, will concentrate funding in four areas.

These are as follows:

1) £2.5million on marketing

A new Beefy and Lamby TV advert and a new press advert for women’s magazines and Sunday supplements will spearhead the minced beef promotion backed by PR and further promotional work.

2) £1million on trade support.

Multiple retailers, Independent butchers and food outlets such as pubs, hotels and restaurants will be supplied with promotions and materials such as posters and recipe booklets to boost sales.

3) £1.7 million on exports. 

Once the export ban on beef is lifted EBLEX will be standing ready with a programme of events to boost export sales.

4) £300,000 on producer support.

This will include a series of export and advice seminars to help producers understand what the market needs.

Head of marketing for EBLEX, Andrew Garvey, said: “With the ending of OTM we have the opportunity to further increase awareness of the Quality Standard Mark, the industry’s brand, sell Quality Standard beef mince on to the market and let people make positive choices about what they buy.

“The ending of the export ban will also offer a big boost to our export opportunities to countries which love more mature beef cuts.”