EBVs made easy at Beef Expo

Estimated breeding values will be the theme of a practical display at Beef Expo, demonstrating a bull’s suitability as a breeder of replacement females.

Aberdeen Angus, Charolais and Simmental using a breed plan performance recording system, will demonstrate one yearling bull with a high terminal sire index and the other with a high self-replacing index.

Bulls can be similar in appearance but have different performance figures, making it difficult for bull buyers to assess the quality of replacements, says Barbara Webster of the Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society.

“The display will highlight the importance of EBVs to both pedigree and commercial beef producers when they are selecting bulls for breeding.

The demonstration will feature cross-bred steers and cross-bred heifers sired by a high self-replacing index bull.

The British Limousin Cattle Society will also have a similar demonstration using Signet performance recording system.

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