EID training courses available for sheep farmers

Innovation for Agriculture (IfA) will be running four EID training courses for sheep farmers this month.

The four-hour courses will look in detail at how EID can be used to enhance flock management.

They will identify key areas that drive performance and profitability on farms to help attendees understand what data they should be recording on their own farms.

The programme also includes a practical session, where farmers will be given advice on what data they should focus on collecting, so farmers are encouraged to bring along their own flock information for discussing on the day.

Places on the course are limited to 20 people and it costs £45, which includes lunch and refreshments. IfA members can benefit from a 50% discount.

“Basic recording could see huge improvements in flock performance in a relatively short timescale,” says Charlotte Johnston, livestock specialist with IfA.

Independent sheep consultant Catherine Nakielny said: “Knowing how your flock is currently performing is the first step in improving profitability and the course will provide an overview of the important measures to record on a flock basis and whether recording individual ewes is worthwhile or not.”

To book your place please visit the RASE website

Course dates

  • Monday 20 October, Myerscough College, Lancashire

  • Tuesday 21 October, Lemmington Hill Head Farm, Alnwick, Northumberland

  • Thursday 23 October, Glenn Farm, Stafford, Staffordshire

  • Friday 24 October, Manor Farm, Salisbury, Wiltshire

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